Drama Review – Your House Helper (KBS, 2018)

I’d suggest to marathon Show if you didn’t manage to catch it while it was airing, because this is not a story that is compelling enough to keep you at the edge of your seat and look forward to the next episode eagerly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s enjoyable and cute and very positive but there’s not a lot of conflict going on.

That said, Show is like a comfort food that makes one want to reach out for more in a sitting, which is still good in my books. Ha Seok Jin is definitely a draw as the super house keeper (and life consultant actually) Kim Ji-woon. What’s interesting is although he’s the main male lead, Ji-woon sometimes feels like a supporting character as other characters get their own screentime for their story arcs. He kind of strings everyone together and at the same time, he gets closure for his own backstory with others’ help. 

Show sheds light on the unhealthy working environment of Korean offices, where single moms with children out of wedlock get discriminated and unfairly dismissed, or the vicious gossiping or bullying of interns. Of course all these may be exaggerating, but given how often such themes were discussed in other dramas, I’d say Show is rather tame and Korean women should really help each other, not gossip.

Most of the conflicts were resolved by episode 12 or 13, leaving the last couple of episodes tying up all loose ends and shows all our characters having moved on with their lives. I can’t really agree with So-mi (Seo Eun-ah) forgiving her step-brother so easily, especially when she has a phobia of males half the time, although it seems to imply that nothing much actually happened. I’m not quite sure what kind of message Show is trying to send, because while it’s definitely a good thing that So-mi moved on, how can the step-brother be let off so easily? All in all, Show feels a little too neat but since this is a drama with a housekeeper as its main character, I say, why not?

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