Guest & Ghost Detective: The super annoying humans and ghosts

Forget it, I am past feeling horrified, terrified of whatever Guest or Ghost is throwing at me. Lately, the sentiments while watching both series bordered on annoyance, and being seriously cheesed off.

For Guest, I have serious issues with the pacing — the narrative builds up the tension about the little girl who has shamanistic abilities, about the possible Park Il-do manifestation in Senator Park, about the possible possession of the school’s security guard, blah blah…and goes off to KILL off the tension buildup by having:
a) 3 ultimate slow coaches who spend more time theorising than DOING anything, when less than 30sec ago, they were telling us they are oh-so-worried about the development of such-and-such character and how s/he might be possessed, and
b) when there should NOT be a call to action, some idiot (looking at you Hwa-pyung) goes and stirs up shit. Shouldn’t he use his brains and think about the possibility of killing a politician backfiring on him? (IF he manages to get the deed done, that is)

So there I am hanging by the thread waiting to see some ghastly development or having our “Holy Trinity” gang save the day…only to be sorely disappointed. I am quite sure by the time they haul ass up to the little girl’s apartment, the itsy bitsy thing would have massacred her family.

As for Ghost, any more seductive smiling by Woo-hye, I will be tempted to bitch slap her. The scales are strangely still tipped in her favour, even though she is a HUMAN now?! I take it that since she now has a corporeal body, she should at least  have a power reduction. That’d make things a little fairer for our gang, and especially Da-il, who again is now a failed Fetch.

But no, she appears to have retained all her powers, other than the ones which allow her to walk through things. SIGH. So we have to watch in frustration how she manages to control and give everyone conjunctivitis while our good guys scramble to react to her willy-nilly schemes — which are generally directionless, pointless and totally AIMLESS. Like I don’t even know WHAT she is trying to achieve. (other than annoy the good guys? or maybe THAT’s it?)

And I dunno about you, but Lee Ji-ah‘s portrayal of a 12-year old trapped in a 30-year old body — why is she doing that sexual I-think-I-want-to-be-your-Lolita thing?! It is very very annoying. (Hence, bitch slap urge)

8 thoughts on “Guest & Ghost Detective: The super annoying humans and ghosts

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  1. I dropped both dramas pretty early on as I just wasn’t feeling either. Some of the irksome things were apparent already as well. When I started going “why am I watching this?” on both, I surmised it was time to call it quits.

    1. I’d say The Guest has more potential than Ghost Detective, but both seemed to make a better watch than Lovely Horribly, which thankfully, none of us watched.

      1. I had no interest in Lovely Horribly, so that was a ‘pass’ right away. I’m not watching much these days as it is; not enough time and very fiew dramas that arouse any interest in me.

      2. Beauty Inside on The List. I’ve seen the original Sora Kara, so I don’t feel like watching the remake. Especially as I’m sure they’ll water it down too much.

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