Hundred Million Stars from the Sky – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell
A remake of a Japanese drama of the same title, Show begins with an interview with a psychiatrist who suddenly recalls encountering a young boy, who eventually changed his career path. It then cuts to a supposed suicide of a young female university student. As the police begins to find clues to solve the case, we follow a detective who’s unrelated to the team assigned, whose keen observation and sixth sense tell him it is not a suicide but murder. The detective is Yoo Jin-kook (Park Sung-woong), who for reasons yet unknown, isn’t very welcomed in the precint but he doesn’t let it affect him. 

Show then turned its focus on our protagonist (?) Kim Moo-young (Seo In Gook), a charismatic young man who works at a brewery, and he seems to be very apt at reading other people especially girls but he hides himself behind a mask. He crosses path with Jin-kook’s sister Jin-kang (Jung So-min) as he gets friendly with her friend Baek Seung-ah, a rich girl who’s also an aspiring artist/potter. Moo-young manages to win Seung-ah over with his mysterious charm, and she’s so head over heels in love with him that she decides to ditch her rich boyfriend (?) Jang Woo-sang.

Strangely, Jin-kang remains wary of Moo-young despite all other girls around her falling for his charm, and that makes Moo-young even more interested in her. Moo-young plays a different game with Jin-kook, and their interactions seem to suggest that they’d met before in the past and under unhappy situations.

To Watch or Not 

I’ve never watched the original though I’ve read an extensive review of it prior to watching this remake, so I’m quite curious how much this version will waterdown the twistedness in the original. To those who’re familiar with the famous mystery writer Higashino Keigo and his brand of warped characters, I’d say the original reminds me of his stories, which is a huge reason why I’d continue with Show (and should time allow I’ll watch the original one day too). I think Seo In Gook is fantastic as the enigmatic Moo-young, his eyes betray nothing and the alternative title of Show – The Smile has Left Your Eyes, says it all. I do wonder if he already suspect who Jin-kang really is, and Show has been dropping big hints that Moo-young and Jin-kang shares a past, despite her not realising.

Admist all the newest drama offerings this fall, this is one which I’ll definitely catch.

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  1. I made the mistake of reading extensively about the original version and so I’m inclined not to take a look at this one. However, I will keep my eyes 👀 peeled re further thoughts…

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