Final Review: The Beauty Inside

Beauty is one warm fuzzy show which leaves me feeling rather contented that there are still people who stand up to scums and scoundrels in the world, that there is still kindness, loyalty among friends and lovers who take you as you are, warts and all.

Although a remake of the movie with the same name, I must say I prefer the drama series over the movie. Both share the same theme of loving someone beyond skin deep. But in Beauty (the drama), we see different kinds of love — besides the OTP romance, there’s also the enviable friendship between Se-kye and her 2 buddies, Eun-ho and Woo-mi. These two never ever ran away from Se-kye even when she is in one of her transformations, and sealed their lips so tight that not even their immediate family members know of Se-kye’s illness/curse. 

Woo-mi brings it up another level by risking her own life to protect Se-kye’s secret by staging an accident in order to let Se-kye avoid the reality show which the annoying Yoo-ri tricked her into accepting. To be fair though, the “villains” in Beauty are anything but a threat. While I find Yoo-ri a little pushy, I can understand why she is so insistent on acting on her “hunch” (cos…Se-kye’s behaviour is rather weird and if she didn’t enter the washroom, the image of her coming out of it didn’t make sense). It is quite funny though that Yoo-ri (who really bought into the face-changing Se-kye business) really ended up fearing Se-kye cos of her empty (but possible) threat that she will appear as another person, kill Yoo-ri, and re-appear as Se-kye. (hahaha)

Or maybe it’s a case of not the villains being ineffective, but the leads being so badass at dispatching them. I love it that Do-jae and Se-kye are both very courageous people who are able to speak up when they see injustices being done. Just as I love the way Se-kye basically flick Yoo-ri off, Do-jae’s showdown with Director Kim is classic. In another Kdrama, Do-jae’s illness would have been a life threatening secret, but not in Beauty. Despite Chairman Im’s gruffness, and Mdm Im initial stereotypical chaebol-mother-in-law behaviour, they are both very decent human beings who recognise their flaws and own up to them. Even competitor Sa-ra realises her jealousy is misguided, and decides to stop her nonsensical “fighting” with her brother. So Do-jae knows his family has got his back, and he has nothing to fear when kicking Director Kim off the board. (and it’s a joy to see that cockroach spluttering…he probably realised he ended up in the wrong drama)

Coming from the same director who shot Another Oh Hae-young, the main conflict in Beauty comes not from extraneous factors (like family pressure, blah blah), but within the OTP themselves. Similar to Oh Hae-young, there’s a devastating secret that threatens the relationship — but thankfully, it’s not prolonged. Just…ffwd ep14. Otherwise, Beauty is another show which leaves me the same sweet taste as Another Oh Hae-young. (the Oh Hae-young cast cameo-ed for the ending, look out for it) 

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  1. I didn’t fast forward episode 14 at all. I didn’t mind the endless tears, but rather it was the last two episodes which didn’t resonate with me. But because of the cast’s performance the drama indeed was worth watching.

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