Fluttering Alert: The Same-old

This is classic Kdrama romcom. We have an OTP who are related (without their prior knowledge) in the past, and are currently forced into a pretend-real relationship. There are also the usual Daddy Issues (and Mummy Issues), we have a frozen faced second female bitch (whose actions defy logic), the chaebol in-fighting — you name it, Fluttering has it. 

And yet, like comfort food — Fluttering is pretty engaging. Just make sure you ffwd the boring Mummy-Daddy-chaebol-2nd bitch scenes, and only watch the OTP.  Which leaves us with plenty of sugary cuteness, with 2 characters who really came out of storybooks. And yet, their outstanding qualities are what defy the Kdrama’s archetype of the OTP leads. [kooriyuki: The bitchy lady who insist on marrying Woo-hyun is so terrible and annoying, I strongly recommend to ffw all her scenes. Same for Woo-hyun’s parents. Snorefest.]

Instead of having the usual prickly haughty chaebol, who has to be paired with the lower social economic status Candy female lead, we have both leads who are earning pretty respectable incomes. And while Woo-hyun may be classified as a chaebol-Prince, his title is a little dubious. He is the illegitimate son of Chairman Cha, conveniently remembered only cos the Princeling aka the Elder Legitimate Son (someone whom we never see) is a failure. Elder Son basically is your Hopeless Chaebol — living off his father’s riches, he did everything which Kdrama Bad Chaebols do (belittle and bully women, kill people while drunk driving, and is now arrested for embezzlement). 

Which means Woo-hyun’s current success as a dermatologist is entirely due to his own hard work. On top of being capable, he is also generous, able to cook, clean and despite being swoon-worthy, he has more or less spurn unneccesary romantic relationships. Same goes for our female lead, Yoo-jung. Instead of the usual helpless Candy-type, Yoo-jung is a top grossing actress. And we see many instances where she has proven she isn’t financially destitute — for example, the cash gift she presented to Woo-hyun’s mum is in the thousands. 

But while Yoo-jung is a successful career woman, she isn’t your Kang Sa-ra (from Beauty Inside) either. She isn’t a slob (even at home), and is a good housekeeper and a decent cook. How many times have we seen the Kdrama female lead being good at everything, but becomes a potential poisoner in the kitchen? Yoo-jung also is a good artist, calligrapher, aerialist and horticulturist. (And did I mention Woo-hyun has great carpentry skills?)

Seriously, the OTP’s qualities are really way above average for your run of the mill Kdrama romcom. Which is a huge contrast to the predictable plot and side characters. And that is why I only choose to watch their scenes, cos the OTP never fail to surprise me with their multitude skill sets and resourcefulness. Whereas I can’t say the same for the other characters. Even without knowing in details (due to the ffwd-ing) on what they are plotting, we basically can guess (pretty accurately) their next steps. 

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