Clean with Passion for Now – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

Just like any other typical Korean romcoms, our male and female leads are polar opposites of each other but through various hijinks and interactions, they fall for each other. Jang Seon-gyeol (Yoon Kyun Sang) is the CEO of a cleaning company, whose staff are mostly flower boys. Seon-gyeol also is ridiculously obsessed with hygiene, to the point where bearcatchong commented he’s the most environmentally unfriendly KDRama character ever. He washes his hands in three different sinks the first thing in the morning, cleaning with a clean towel after each wash. 

On the contrary, Gil Oh-seol (Kim Yoo-jung) is messy and doesn’t care much about hygiene, often wearing the same piece of clothing for days usually. That’s not saying she totally doesn’t care about her appearance because she does dress up for occasions. Oh-seol is just more concerned about finding a stable job since she’s recently graduated.

As all romcom goes, fate is a curious thing that creates all kinds of run-ins for our leads, which in real life such coincidences probably will never happen. That said, Seon-gyeol finds himself unknowingly caring about Oh-seol more than he should. And that, is pure gold for all romcom.

To Watch or Not

Other than the quirky but otherwise loveable leads, we have an ensemble of A-list supporting characters. This is also Kim Won Hae‘s Nth appearance in a drama this year, and he’s playing the role of Oh-seol’s father. The dynamics between Oh-seol and Dad is something that I really like, and a good father-daughter relationship is always a strong selling point of any dramas. And then we have the enigmatic new resident of Oh-seol’s rooftop room, Choi Gun (Song Jae Rim), and Song Jae Rim looks like he just stepped out from his previous drama Our Gab-soon, dressed mostly in track pants and looking like he just woke up. But I love Mary‘s Rimmie much too so I’m not complaining. I am however, curious about how he’ll play into Oh-seol’s life and I lament the lack of his scenes so far.

Underneath the quirkiness, Show is more than what meets the eye, and we’re told through flashbacks what made Seon-gyeol such a cleanliness freak. Also, despite Seon-gyeol’s prickly exterior, various scenes showed that he’s actually a warm person. Like in that hilarious sequence of Oh-seol wearing a horse mask to avoid being seen by her crush, but ended up being chased by a horde of people on the streets, she accidentally knocked her litter push-cart into Seon-gyeol’s car. His usual reaction would be to shriek about the dirtiness and whatnot but he didn’t; instead his first response was to ask if Oh-seol was alright. 

Overall I’m feeling quite positive about Show and will definitely be catching it!

7 thoughts on “Clean with Passion for Now – First Impression

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  1. Yes, our leads are great. I like what you said about JSG – because it is the little things that make a big difference. When he steps in to deal with the condescending female office worker or the jerk ex crush who was belittling GOS – it’s for all the right reasons. As for Oh Seol, Kim Yoo-Jung is playing a very good, and humorous part. There are so many moments that get in the way of Syeon Gyeol’s routine for a peaceful existence – like putting the sundae in his suit pocket and his reaction – priceless.

    Kim Won Hae is definitely a favourite of mine. If he is in a show, I will take a look. The same with Kim Hye Yun as JSG’s mum, she has had a very busy year. I even like the role of Secretary Gwon – it’s mature and sensible – and some of her zingers re her boss are very funny.

    The more I think about it, the more I like this show.

  2. At first i thought it wouldnt be a good drama but now i keep reading somewhat positive comments. So might keep this to watch later. Here you me tuned about Our Gab soon i remember i was watching it when it was airing. I watched some 10 episodes and then dropped it. There was that sister second marriage thing in early episodes which i still remember that made me cry. I didn’t like leads here. Didn’t got back into that drama. I will watch CWPFN sometime later.

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