Clean with Passion for Now: The dirt on everyone

Ok, I admit, Clean is hilarious. And it’s probably the first show where the PPL is not on cosmetics, coffee and Subway. For once, we see vacuum cleaners and anti-bacteria sprays sponsoring a drama. (heh, quite an improvement actually to show something USEFUL in a drama)

While I find the germaphobic Sun-gyeol funny in his extreme need to avoid germs (someone forgot to tell him his gut has MILLIONS of bacteria strains), I also pity him. As Clean has kindly explained to us, his OCD-ness with cleanliness and rejection of all things “dirty” (which cover everything) stems from him being born out of wedlock, to a family which is very traditional (so wedlock children are a blimp to the mother’s character/ family’s name, hence…disgusting, dirty, best to keep away from the public’s eye).

While the “dirt” on Sun-gyeol is obvious, the other characters — not so. Specifically Choi-gun — the strange guy who rented the rooftop unit of O-sol’s dinghy apartment block. Who always has this strange middle aged lady visiting (and cooing over) him, and recently had a psychiatrist paying him a visit — whether for a consultation or giving him one, we are not too sure at this juncture. Typical straight forward O-sol immediately assumes he’s a nut case (I would too). Maybe Choi-gun is a chaebol on the run? Or some very very famous doctor, hiding away from some dark past? Or…is his “Dr Daniel”? The famous psychiatrist recommended by Secretary Gwon? (that jawline…)

And of cos, our sometimes scatterbrained, and most times very direct female lead, O-sol. Though she doesn’t freely admit it, the loss of her mum during her formative years might be the reason why she felt “inadequate” now, despite being a star athlete in the past. That’s why on her mum’s death anniversary, she probably feels a need to “live up” to her mum’s expectations, thus all the dolling up etc. And likely…her mum’s death has to do with CEO Cha’s construction company. But I must say, the secondary effect of O-sol’s makeover on the many other male characters in Clean is a bonus too. (haha)

And of cos, I am soooo looking forward to Sun-gyeol’s change (for the dirtier), and his (ahem) grovelling later. 

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