Happy to Die: Best HR Practices

If anyone wants a manual on what NOT to do when running a company or managing human resource — maybe they can take a look at Happy. MW Food is one strange company where they have the worst HR practices, and even stranger, there are still employees around…

Granted, Chairman Kang may be a fair boss and one who values his employees, but his family members — namely CEO Kang, who has taken over the reins, is anything but. While there’s nothing wrong with being profit driven, there’s something not quite right if the “profit” you seek is meant to cover your personal losses incurred during bad investments. (I am wondering why Chairman hasn’t sacked him)

And then there’s the new Director Yoo, who clearly doesn’t care a whit about the company nor its employees, since her ultimate goal is to undercut MW Food and sell it off at a lowest price to an overseas investor. The only positive thing she changed during her employment was probably the rule of no Over Time (yay!), mandating that all electrical supply to be cut off by 6pm sharp. (and nobody packed their laptops to work from home! wow!) Other than that, her idea to close down branches without considering the plight of operating staff working the grounds…is just her being a meanie (and of cos, making people unhappy may help MW Food lose enough money to sell it off cheaply).

Her nemesis, Jin-sang, though reputed to have low EQ, is fairing much better than her at gaining employees’ respect and trust. The Team Leader who was once ousted from his seat cos he scored zero on the 360 Feedback ironically returns in full glory — to the love and admiration of the group of contract workers whom he saved (and also his own team mates, who finally realised his value).

I must say, Jin-sang’s positive spin on the secret tape recording is a VERY HIGH EQ move. Which is proof that he has changed — the old Jin-sang would probably have stuck to facts and declare MW Food’s HR management as lousy and untrustworthy. Which may vindicate the contract staff, but not HELP them at all. After all, the public backlash and the shaming which MW Food would undergo — had Jin-sang spill the “real” beans — would definitely sink the company, and more employees will get retrenched as a result. His move to turn the story around not only tied his bosses’ hands to convert the contract staff to perm, but also push up the shares of the company, thanks to its positive image. 

But of cos, in every Kdrama whenever there’s a peak, a valley will soon follow. Jin-sang’s not-so-glorious past (which he now realised when he is on the receiving end of Roo-da’s snubbing) is going to catch up with him as HR Director Yoon gathers enough of Jin-sang’s old enemies (mostly people he has rudely offended) to pull him down from his new pedestal. 

And sadly, even the young CEO-to-be, Joon-ho, isn’t very keen to learn from Jin-sang (even the low EQ Jin-sang would have things to teach the immature greenhorn). While Joon-ho may have his heart in the correct place, the Green Eye Monster is kinda blocking his vision. All he can see is Jin-sang liking Roo-da and fearing that Roo-da likes him back. (sigh) 

Tbh, I also find Roo-da’s sudden love interest in Joon-ho rather…abrupt. It seems like it’s only after she learns of his true identity she decides that they can be in a bgr, while previously, she is all for rejecting this little puppy trailing after her. 

I just can’t wait for Roo-da/ Joon-ho interlude to quickly end in order for Roo-da to realise her concern for Jin-sang (both old and new), doesn’t merely stem from sharing a “time loop secret”. 


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  1. Hmmm… it seems interesting. I guess after I finishing watching my current k drama, I’ll check it out…?😮😮😮

  2. Thanks for reviewing the drama! I really really enjoy this drama for it being quirky and soul searching. I related to a lot of the characters inside it. Its rare to see a kdrama that micrd well between lighthearted and heavy scenes.

    There is not a lot of ppl knew this drama, and I wish I could talk more about this drama. I am so glad that you guys finished it and make 4 blog posts about it,

    Btw are you guys active in twitter?

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