Priest: Part 2

Nono, I wasn’t referring to a sequel (let’s hope there’s NONE), but with the death(?) of Priest Moon, it seems like the narrative is moving on to the mystery that happened 8 years ago. An event which linked our major characters (including our Nameless Demon) together, with 2 of them not even remembering what happened.

And can I dare hope that Priest Moon has successfully subdued the Nameless Demon in that artefact? And that his last sacrifices (to transfer the possession over to himself, and to commit suicide) are not in vain? Let’s hope that it is so, but I do have some misgivings. Firstly, we don’t see him die (other than hearing a gunshot in a blackout screen), and secondly…if the event in the past had to do with Nameless Demon, it’s a given that it will return. [kooriyuki: Unless it’s another body that’s being cremated…]

Tbh, I did find Priest enjoyable up till the death of Kyung-ran (Detective Koo’s protege). Cos the narrative is similar to Player, where we have a group of outliers outsmarting the enemy — in this case, the enemy being one who is supernatural. Mi-yeon, with her connections and beauty, is the door-opener and smooth-talker for 634 Regia. Detective Koo, with his background and access as a police officer, can help trace down the possessed (and throwing in “real” roadblocks to stall nosy parkers — such as the earlier Dr Ham). We even have a hacker in the group — Yong-pil. And of course, 2 rather unpriestly priests.

I was kinda hoping that Kyung-ran will be a new addition, cos despite her low screen time, her character has proven to be quite intelligent and observant. She doesn’t buy into her sunbae’s excuses for his constant disappearances and his unauthorised searches in the databases, and she hit jackpot when she located the room where a possessed Jae-moon was holding Psychiatrist Jung. I was actually a bit sad that Priest killed off her character…

After her death though, things start to move downhill. We even have a background story of in-fighting and politics within the Catholic Church and its secret division that supports 634 and its clandestine exorcisms. (and I really HATE politicking in any form) So, I’ve kinda tuned out — until the action picks up again with Detective Koo’s possession and the artefact narrative. [kooriyuki: Thankfully all that politicking took up only about half an episode.]

Let’s just hope that the mysterious backstory of Eun-ho and Soo-min is going to be engaging enough to resuscitate and sustain my dipping interest.


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