God’s Quiz – Reboot: Slow but steady

We are finally getting somewhere, as previously unconnected events and characters converge. Now we know for sure Mr Gangster’s (aka Sang-pil) relation with Jin-woo (or Dr Han), and instead of him being a complete nemesis, I’d say he MIGHT (as of now) be working towards the same goal as Jin-woo.

Turns out that Sang-pil grew up in the same orphanage as Jin-woo (who was later adopted and managed to escape the fire which killed most of his playmates). Some background to Jin-woo (for those uninitiated to Quiz series): Dr Han didn’t come from a well-to-do family. We know he was adopted, and later in Quiz 3 (or was it Quiz 4?) we learnt that he, with one of his elementary schoolmate, were subjected to a series of clandestine drug testing on humans. It resulted in Jin-woo suffering from bipolar disorder in Quiz 2 and a long bout of self-doubt on whether he was a serial killer (the reasons for his genius and also his “demonic” other half was only revealed in subsequent series). Through it all, his friendship (and later romantic development) with Kyeong-hee was what pulled him through those “dark times” (including that of losing his mentor and semi-father figure in Quiz 4).

Ok…so back to Quiz 5. The orphanage which Sang-pil (and now we learnt, Jin-woo) grew up in apparently “volunteered” its young charges as white mice to a biomedical testing facility. And the “fire accident” was to cover up the horrific failed test results (i.e. the bodies of the children). I’m not sure if Sang-pil himself was involved as an unwilling tester and how he eventually escape (to Hong Kong), but he definitely remembers Jin-woo from the first moment he sees him on TV. Jin-woo, on the other hand, either from a leftover effect of the “genius drug” which he was injected with in his youth, or some form of PTSD, doesn’t remember Sang-pil until recently. The memory flashbacks are getting frequent, and he now is starting to confuse Sang-pil The Killer with Sang-pil His (Then) Hyung.

And of cos, why I say the 2 men’s goals are similar for now is cos Politician Kim and CODAS Director Kwak are intent on covering up The Incident in order to put their investment (aka CODAS) in the best possible light (to make even more money). While Sang-pil’s methods are rather…extreme, I have to say he isn’t your average brainless gangster. So far, his murders have been planned very well, to the extent that the police (and even Dr Han) are unable to trace anything back to him.

But while Sang-pil may be in the grey zone between friend and enemy, CODAS is proving itself to be Jin-woo’s strongest ally. It auto-logs itself into Jin-woo’s laptop and basically helps expand his searches into databases which a normal home user’s IP might not be able to access — previously CODAS helped Jin-woo traced the DarkNet user who had purchased an illegal steroid. And in ep12, CODAS has even helped Jin-woo locate a distraught (and badly injured) Director Jo, who was knocked over by a car that was probably sent by Politician Kim to silence her.


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