Drama Special – My Embarrassing Days


Do Do-hye (Jeon So-min) was a high school’s mathematics teacher chosen to review the questions for a math examination. She had the habit of keep a diary recording her embarrassing moments to remind herself not to repeat the same mistake. Little did she know that her first love, Na Pil-seung (Park Sung-hoon), was the police officer assigned to be in charge of the security to ensure the examination materials were not leaked. She was reminded of her embarrassing moments during her university days in front of Pil-seung. Later, her ex-husband Choi Jin-sang (Oh Dong-min) also joined the review committee.

Once, Do-hye had a heated exchange with Jin-sang when he was drunk, causing everyone I the review committee to know about their relationship, causing Do-hye to feel embarrassed. However, due to an earthquake, Do-hye had to remain at the site for a few more days, where another teacher advised Do-hye that unlike math question, there was no absolute right or wrong answer for our lives, so Do-hye should not be too obsessed in getting “wrong answers” in her life. Pil-seung had still liked Do-hye, so he left his contact number in the form of 5 math questions in Do-hye’s diary, waiting for her to contact him after the examination review had ended.


This drama special has an interesting setting about a group of mathematics teacher coming together in a camp to review the difficulty of the questions for an examination, as well as to discuss the possible solutions for those questions. Although it is initially hard for me to imagine Jeon So-min playing a role of a brilliant math teacher due to the deep impression she left in Running Man, I think she played the role quite well that allowed me to believe she was a math teacher. The storyline is quite a typical romance story about reconciliation of 2 ex-lovers, so it is quite easy to guess the ending of this drama. Nevertheless, I like how the writer compare correcting ourselves as we gain life experiences to that of answering math questions, as we all tend to look for the perfect answer to live our lives. Sadly to say, while there are already formulas that can be readily apply to math questions, such formulas may not be available to our lives, so I guess we have to endure those embarrassing moments to gain life experiences.


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  1. Very interesting. I will have to check this out. My grandfather was a mathematician and mathematics teacher. He wrote either on his own, or in conjunction with two well known colleagues, some 22 maths texts used in my part of the world (I was even the proof reader on one of these re Algebra a long time ago) and once upon a time helped write the University exterance maths exam questions. They certainly believed in mathematics solving the worlds problems.

    I remember when the Rubiks Cube first came out. In utter frustration with my attempts to solve it my grandfather took it off me and went click, click, click – done 😂 😂😂. Not only that, he could use Pi up to 100 decimal places and plug it into an equation quicker than a calculator 🤗😱🤗

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