Final Review: Fluttering Alert

sab: So this will be a combined post between kooriyuki and myself to bash (sorry, write about) Fluttering. To start off, I didn’t even planned to watch this, until kooriyuki encouraged me to. Cos I wasn’t really impressed with Yoon Eun-hye in her last drama Marry Him If You Dare. But to be fair to Fluttering, the first part of the narrative (which is straight as an arrow Kdrama romcom) was pretty good, with the usual leads being forced into a situation where they had to pretend to be in love and eventually did fall in love.

And tbh, the OTP chemistry was pretty sizzling in the earlier half, when they were both doing the love-me-love-me-not thing. Strangely, once they both settled into a couple, the chemistry…fizzled. Makes me wonder if they shot the show backwards. The latter half really made me cringe at times, cos I don’t feel any connection to the OTP, much less between themselves.

To make the show even more unbearable, the second female bitch begins her typical Kdrama nonsensical acts. Though the stalker-stabber turned out not to be a hired hitman, Hye-joo’s irrationality in the later half of the show (even when faced with the situation where she KNOWS she will lose everything in the gamble) won’t make me surprised if she did indeed paid someone to hurt Yoo-jung and Woo-hyun. Thus, unlike the super nice OTP who felt she was pitiful, I couldn’t care a whit for Hye-Too having to be made scapegoat by her dad.

Although I keep quipping the earlier half of the show tas a “better” watch, it also suffers from really poor editing (as bad as Bad Detective, which I may write about later). I won’t know for sure if the editing flaws carry over to the latter, cos I was already on speed forwarding mode.

All in all, I’d say only give Fluttering a try if you are reaaaaallly bored. Then again, only watch up till ep7.  

kooriyuki: Like sab mentioned above, Show was actually enjoyable until about the half-way mark, and then ended up being unbearable. I read of fans complaining about the lack of skinship and kissy scenes between the OTP, which in retrospect, IS weird given the entire premise IS a romcom. I’m not too concerned about the lack of skinship than I am about terrible writing and a boring story.

Nothing happened in every episode and Show is 8 episodes too long. We have an irritating second female lead who doesn’t understand what is no, and then for all her scheming and what not, she doesn’t get the comeuppance she sorely deserved. And then we have the ubiquitous chaebol Dad who had a hand in setting up the male lead with irritating second female lead, who insisted male lead to take over the company and marrying the second female lead, and then…he just gave in in the last 3 episodes. Because he’s gravely ill. Like, what in the world? Similarly, for all antagonists in Show, they suddenly end up supporting our OTP wholeheartedly right before Show is ending its run (except that irritating second female lead).

What I thought was refreshing was the fuss-free acceptance of Yoo-jung (Yoon Eun Hye) by both Woo-hyun’s (Chun Jung Myeong) biological and legal mothers, which means we’re spared the usual bad mother-in-law tropes. Other than that, it is as if Show cannot make up its mind whether to be a fullblown romcom or just a usual drama with makjang elements, and this is what we got. And that absolutely irrelevant time skip. Cannot compute.


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  1. By the end of episode 9 I went “uh-oh what are they doing? How can they let this show start to spiral down the plug hole?”. However, I hung in there and watched it to the end in the hope of some miracle. Normally, I would have dropped a show after such a change. What I found interesting though were the outtakes at the end. The cast clearly enjoyed working together and our leading lady had a very teary moment – it was quite clear how important FA, including those around her, was/were to her 🤗

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