Drama Special: Drunk in Good Taste

Because it’s the new year celebrations, so the usual weekday shows are pre-empted. In their places, we have mini-series (or rather drama-movie), and Drunk is one of them.

Main cast:

  • Kim Hyang-gi (from Along with the Gods 1/ 2) as Jung Chong-nam. A first year college student, who is also a social influencer. Her dessert themed Instagram has a healthy follower base, and naturally, she has a sweet tooth for the job.
  • Kim Min-kyu (from Melancholic) as Lee Yeon-nam. Also a first year student, he has a crush on Chong-nam since Day 1. Unfortunately, the girl took a long time to realise that.


Chong-nam lives with her unni, Seo-hyun, and is preparing for her first year in college. She meets Yeon-nam and mistakes him for a sunbae, only to realise he is in the same year as her when the freshies had the mandatory introduction session before their lecture.

Yeon-nam, who had seen Chong-nam with Seo-hyun on her way to school, is smitten with Chong-nam’s bubbly nature. He later learns she is an avid Instagrammer (with a large fan base), who loves to posts pictures of tasty desserts online (she even lugs along porcelain plates to showcase her dessert-of-the-day).

Chong-nam receives some negative comments from her fans one day and decides to join the photography club to hone her skills. Yeon-nam, ever the faithful puppy, follows her. They meet Ms Popular, Tae-yi, who is also an Instagrammer. Tae-yi has a crush on Yeon-nam, and proceeds to try win his attention.

Unfortunately for Tae-yi, her usual tactics don’t work. But she adroitly senses that Chong-nam has a crush on an older man — the boss of a dessert shop which Chong-nam frequents. And so, being the bitchy second lead, she has to make it known to Yeon-nam. Yeon-nam tries to hide his disappointment and attempts to distance himself from Chong-nam (especially since the boss in question is also Yeon-nam’s uncle). Luckily for us, that fails. During a campus celebration, Yeon-nam is unable to stop himself from kissing Chong-nam.

Which leads to all round awkwardness as Chong-nam sorts through her feelings towards her bestie. A few rounds of jealousy (where some other female classmates expressed interest in the handsome Yeon-nam) resolved the dilemma, and Chong-nam finally realises she has fallen in love with Yeon-nam.


This is a very harmless show — read: quite a joy to watch. Even though the kisses are far from being hot (or even lukewarm), the cast’s “inexperience” with skinship lends the narrative that innocent vibe that can only come with first loves.

The second female bitch in Drunk is also far from being venomous. While she has a super-ego to match her beauty, Tae-yi is someone you’d end up pitying. Her “fame” eventually lands her a stalker, and thankfully she is saved by Chong-nam and her boss. (watch for the Goblin spoof during that scene)

Talking about spoofs, Drunk is quite full with them. Ranging from bgm of popular Kdrama romcom, to straight-in-your-face recreation of scenes (like the one in Goblin mentioned above), they make Drunk a lightweight (and sweet) show to round up a year’s end.

After all, like what Drunk tells us, Desserts is Stressed spelt backwards.


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