God’s Quiz – Reboot: Rooting for the Villain

Ok, maybe I should make it clearer — the “previous” villain, Sang-pil, has been overtaken by another, more annoying one — Mdm Seo. I kinda wish Sang-pil will finally get to poison her with her own DNA (is that possible?), and punish her for her long laundry list of wrong-doings.

Which probably started as early as the Orphanage days. Mdm Seo and the company she worked for (Han Joo Pharmaceuticals) are the likely culprits for the illegal testings done on the orphans. And I guessed Sang-pil’s illness, which required him to take a high dosage of painkillers, probably resulted from it. Ironically, his health condition was also the reason why Sang-pil is such a brilliant geneticist now — unfortunately, he used his skills as a hired assassin in the Nine Dragons Clan in HK.

Not too sure at this moment if Jin-woo’s intelligence was also a side effect of any drug testing he was forced to undergo — cos his memories are still spotty at this point. However, from his patchy memories, it’d seem that the young Jin-woo appeared to have only average intelligence — and wasn’t born a genius or even a savant. Sang-pil recounts that he remembered Jin-woo in tears when he was unable to solve a simple algebra puzzle — hmm…not exactly how I’d expect a genius to behave.

Sang-pil himself though, seemed to be already quite smart — both book-smart and street smart — at an early age. We see the tween Sang-pil shepherding his flock (which included young Jin-woo); and he not only took care of them like a nanny, but also tutor them in his spare time. I fully understand why he’d be furious to have his younger brothers and sisters murdered by Han Joo Co.

I’d say that while Quiz – Reboot started off quite slowly, lulling us into the familiar Quiz‘s template, the narrative has started to pick up and gone into a series of good twists from ep8. Suddenly the pieces and random murders (from Sang-pil) fall into place, and to have Jin-woo pitted against another brilliant nemesis — but this time totally against his will — that’s a good one. Cos previous installations, our nemesis had always stayed true to his/her character, they are evil, they are quasi-terrorist, and they are mad geniuses.

For Quiz – Reboot, while Sang-pil may fall into the above 3 categories, there’s a purpose to his madness. And strangely, I begin to find myself rooting for him — especially since he has been very focused in his revenge game and generally left other innocent people alone (even Director Jo). So…could he just kill Mdm Seo as spectacularly as possible? She really has it coming…


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