Final Review – Children of Nobody (Red Moon Blue Sun)

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  • The little girl in green dress was actually Cha Woo-kyung’s (Kim Sun-a) real younger sister Cha Se-kyung, who was beaten to death by their stepmother Heo Jin-ok (Na Young-hee). She was buried at the fireplace of their father’s house. The Se-kyung who was in coma at the hospital was the stepmother’s daughter, who was brought to replace Se-kyung after her death. Woo-kyung lost her memories after the death of her sister, therefore her father modified her memories by telling her stories.
  • Lee Eun-ho (Cha Hak-yeon) was the one committing the murders of the perpetrators of child abuse. He wore a mask when committing those murders, who led to one of the children, Ha-na, recognizing him as “Kind Man”, a character of a children TV programme. He was abused by the Senior Director of Hanul Children Centre since young, which eventually led him to kill the Senior Director by stuffing many pages of poetry into his mouth. He was later shot to death by Kang Ji-hyun (Lee Yi-kyung) when Eun-ho kidnapped Woo-kyung.
  • Red Cry was Yoon Tae-joo (Joo Suk-tae), a psychiatrist and Woo-kyung’s senior. He was the one who selected perpetrators of child abuse and instructed Eun-ho to commit the murders. He was the elder brother of Eun-ho, who were separated since young. Both Tae-joo and Eun-ho were indignant with child abuse, leading them to work together on the murders. Tae-joo also also an expert of hypnosis.
  • Jeon Soo-young (Nam Gyu-ri) also had unpleasant past with her family, as her mother taught her to keep still when her older brother beat her up, leading her to be still traumatized to the beatings of her older brother.
  • Kang Ji-hyun disliked children initially, but was touched by Ha-na’s warm gestures when interacting with her, leading him to hold a different perspective towards children.


bearcatchong: Overall, I find this drama quite engaging due to the mystery of Red Cry and the little girl in green dress, as well as how the lead characters work together to help the victims of child abuse. I think the writer had done a decent job in discussing this sensitive topic from multiple perspectives, such as Woo-kyung representing the expert or social worker, Ji-hyun representing the law side, Eun-ho representing victim of child abuse whose wounds never recover, and perhaps Soo-young representing victims who managed to cope with their emotional scars to a certain extent. The stories about child abuse were also carefully written, and the case of the teenage student who was badly beaten by her mother whenever she was considered as disobedient reminded us that child abuse is not just limited to “bad or low-income” families, but can happen in any family.

The intervention of Red Cry with the child abuse cases can be considered positive as the death of those perpetrators indeed effectively withdrew the children from any future harm. However, murders are definitely not acceptable from the point of law and ethics. This leads me to ponder if physical violence is more effective in deterring domestic violence, as there are often limitations in using the law to protect the children from abuse. For instance, Ha-na’s father insisted on bringing Ha-na, his biological daughter, home and the detectives had no choice but to let Ha-na returned with her father despite knowing that her father will abuse her. Nevertheless, I really hope that there will never be any cases of child abuse in the first place.

Personally, I am not really satisfied with the last episode of this drama, not because that the stepmother was not punished, but that I felt that the emotions of the characters, especially for Woo-kyung and Tae-joo, was not consistent with previous episodes. I understand that Woo-kyung tend to suppress her emotions, especially after the little girl in green dress stopped her from hitting her stepmother with a hammer. However, instead of suppressing her anger, the feeling that Woo-kyung gave me was more like she had given up hope to be angry with her stepmother. I am not sure if this is due the writer trying to give closure to this character within a short period of time or due to Kim Sun-a portrayal of this character.

I also feel like Red Cry is not being consistent for the last episode. Red Cry is supposed to be a patient and meticulous person, that is why there are few leads for the detectives to work on. However, Tae-joo suddenly became impatient to keep pushing Woo-kyung to make find out the whereabouts of the real Se-kyung to the extent of he actually unconsciously revealed his identity as Red Cry to Woo-kyung. Despite the tiny dissatisfaction with the final episode, I still think that Children of Nobody is worth watching.

kooriyuki: I marathoned this over the last weekend even though I was reading the recaps until episode 15. I guess knowing the entire story made it easier for me to focus on the individual characters’ development, instead of being caught up in the suspense. Contrary to bearcatchong’s disappointment regarding the finale as mentioned above, I can see where Woo-kyung and Tae-joo are coming from. There were a lot of contrasts between Woo-kyung and Tae-joo, the biggest of which was their reaction to their rage. Woo-kyung exerts a greater self-control and we can say that perhaps she’s got a stronger moral fibre, while Tae-joo just let his rage get better of himself and instigate/commit murder. Woo-kyung will probably take a long time to make peace with herself, and I think she might really kill her stepmother if not for the spectre of the little girl in green dress.

Towards the end I was a wee bit annoyed with Detective Kang because I didn’t want Red Cry to get caught! But I understand the police has got their job to do and Detective Kang admitted that he himself was reluctant to handcuff Red Cry. Which was why perhaps, in the final news report we were shown that the details of Shi-wan’s Dad’s murder were not released. Most of us are like Woo-kyung; we have our rage when we come across injustice but we chose to either 1) turn a blind eye or 2) take a non-violent resolution if possible.

All in all Show is a great watch with careful considerations in the writing and awesome acting all around. I guess there’re still kind souls around, although I felt after watching this it seems like no one can be trusted *snickers*

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