The Man Who Become King – Half-time Comments

It’s been a long while since I last wrote half-time comments for any dramas, but Show is so good and thought-provoking that I have to write something about it. Not just the acting, the writing and directing is impeccable. Every scene was thoughtful and nothing felt like a waste of time (or filler scenes, if you would), which is something I felt had been missing in most other dramas these days. I understand why Kim Sang-kyung has nothing but praises for the director because each scene is screenshot-worthy.

Going into the story itself, every episode outdoes the previous, giving the audience unexpected twists as the story unfolds itself. Episode 8 has got to be the pivot point because the stakes are upped and the preview for episode 9 reveals that possibly new allegiances are formed. Despite the premise sounding whimsical (a clown posing as a king?), within what’s aired so far, everything seemed logical and adhered to Show’s rules. I was apprehensive of Minister Lee Gyu (Kim Sang-kyung) initially, especially when he was so condescending towards Ha Sun (Yeo Jin Goo), but as Show gradually reveals Minister Lee’s dreams and grand plans, and how he realised that Ha Sun may just make a better king than Lee Heon, he portrayed the dilemma so well I felt genuinely sorry for Minister Lee.

It didn’t help that Lee Heon knew of these dreams and were actually supportive of them, but paranoia got the better of him and pushed Minister Lee into making the most unfortunate decision as seen in Episode 8. Minister Lee’s ideal world is ironically best understood by Ha Sun, and not those of royal blood or born into rich families or those vying for power. I guess that is why he realised Ha Sun would make a better ruler than Lee Heon.

And speaking of these two men who shares the same face, I have to applaud Yeo Jin Goo for his impeccable performance of the two characters. Never once is there any need to guess which guy he’s playing, for he breathed different lives into both characters, making it seemed as though it’s two actors for the roles. Which is why I thought Queen So-woon (Lee Se Young) must be pretty dense to not realise the difference, although everyone else in Show doesn’t realise it either. Episode 8 is not just the turning point for the story on the whole, it is also a realization of Ha Sun’s emotions towards So-woon.

We’re definitely going down the road of no return for the latter half of Show, and I just can’t wait.

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  1. Yes, Clown is turning out a strong, and masterful, showing. It’s also quite a brave story in its total fictional portrayal of a king who, in history, ruled through a very difficult time in Korea’s past. He’s considered the ultimate “juggler” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) regarding a very tough political situation he was in at the time and revered by many because of it.

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