First Impression: Item

It should be ItemS, given the number of magical stuff appearing in show…

Main cast:

  • Joo Ji-hoon (from Kingdom) as Prosecutor Kang Gon. He is a stellar prosecutor, on his way up to Seoul Office. His only kin is his niece, Da-in, who is in his care after her parents (Gon’s brother and sister-in-law) die in a crash.
  • Jin Se-yun (from Gaksital) as Detective Shin So-young. Being a profiler (and a female one at that) in an all-male team led by a petty and chauvinistic Team Leader, So-young is naturally ostracised by her team mates. Her constant proving them wrong only adds to her being labelled as an outcast.
  • Kim Kang-woo (from My Husband, Oh Jak-doo) as CEO Jo Se-hwang of Gardens Corp. He plays the representative of the corruption in society. But he also hoards relics (those “items”)…and there’s a possibility he isn’t all human.


In case we all don’t know Item is of the supernatural theme, the opening scene of Gon stopping a runaway train (whose driver is eerily stoned) using a magic bracelet kinda sealed the deal. But while Gon is busy playing Superman, a girl — So-young (who also looks rather unnaturally glazed) — jumps off a building.

Gon awakes from this too-realistic nightmare (a possible future?) and we learn he is a prosecutor on his way to Seoul (a promotion for him). However, being the straight-as-an-arrow-workaholic, he still wants to pursue a corruption case linked to CEO Jo.

Meanwhile, we see CEO Jo released from detention center, and appears all contrite as he kneels to the group of reporters and promised to “repent”. Of cos he doesn’t. Back in his lair, he berates his Board of Directors for their “shoddy work” in covering up his tracks, and when they leave, he goes into this special room…which is filled with magic items. He is furious when he sees one of them missing, and a magic Polaroid camera (NOT KIDDING) reveals that the item (a bracelet) is picked up by a young girl.

The girl in question is Da-in. After having lost her parents, she stays with Gon and attends a musical school (she is also mute…either from the accident or congenital). Da-in picks up the bracelet as portended by the Polariod cam.

Well, Da-in is unaware that Gon already had knowledge of this magic bracelet — whose ability is to grant its wearer Herculean strength (hence Gon’s dreamlike Superman sequence). Gon had earlier tried to capture a hoodlum who somehow had this bracelet (which belonged? to Se-hwang).

On the other spectrum, we see So-young and her team leader at odds with each other as they try to solve a case of a missing businessman. Team Leader is adamant that it is just a Missing Person case, while So-young tries to convince Team Leader that given the victim’s habits, it is unlikely he will leave his house in a disarray to “disappear”. She tries to convince the team that the victim may be murdered but no one believes her.

Well, they had to eventually … cos So-young managed to find the body — hidden in the bathroom of the victim’s country resort. Unfortunately, Team Leader was happily chasing a false lead (with reporters in tow) and managed to majorly embarrass himself.


Tbh, Kdramaland’s track records of shows with supernatural elements…don’t really end up well. So I am kinda iffy about Item. Already we have more than one thing that has mystical powers in the show (where in the hell do they ALL come from?!), ranging from the bracelet, to the Polaroid cam, and a Star Trekish-whip thing… (proceed with eye roll)

While the supernatural element for Item borders on being ridiculous, I do find the characters interesting enough to maybe engage me for a few more episodes. We have been seeing plenty of Joo Ji-hoon lately, with his portrayal of a besieged Crown Prince in Kingdom, and now as an astute and upright prosecutor. His soon-to-be partner and possible love interest also holds her own end of the stick well enough. So-young as a character is a mish-mash of intellectual with feminine instinct.

So I cannot wait for our power OTP to bond together to fight crime and corruption — embodied by the charismatic but possibly mad, Se-hwang. Just..I really dunno how the bracelet et al will work into this story…(bad feeling remains)

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  1. Thanks for your post and review. Just a note … Gon had been in Seoul before but had been banished to the outskirts for 3 years. Going to Seoul was more a returning to his place than an actual promotion, I think.

    I agree that the supernatural done kdrama style may not always turn out well. We seldom get any explanation as to how or why the supernatural exists and it may not have much of a resolution.

    Still it is intriguing so I’ll watch and judge how it goes a few episodes down the line.

    1. Yup. The relationship between Gon and CEO Jo is given more BG in ep2. I actually don’t mind the serial killer route in ep2 but the silly magic stuff is very distracting

  2. I did have Item on my watch list. So, after reading your review I dived in and had a look. I have got to say I thought the first four episodes were terrific. It’s a good blend of the supernatural (ala Wharehouse 13 style re items or relics) with the “Gollum” running around trying to find his precious (being the wrist band) with the prosecution theme and crime -Korean style, thrown in. Then we have the relationship between Gon and his niece which is special.

    The cast is great with each of our main leads well matched. I must say I like Kang-woo as a villain and it’s good to see the list of veteran actors that are playing villains (especially as they get picked off one by one).

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