My Strange Hero – Final Review


  • Kang Bok-soo (Yoo Seung-ho) revealed the evidence of corruption in Seolsong High School in social media, which finally led to official investigation on corruption in the school. He finally graduated from Seolsong after 10 years, and later worked as teaching intern for Art classes at Seolsong.
  • Oh Se-ho (Kwak Dong-yeon) not only provided Bok-soo with the transaction details of assets under his mother (Kim Yeo-jin), but also admitted before the press that Bok-soo did not push him down the building 10 years ago. He almost took the rap for her mother, only to be dissuaded by Bok-soo that her mother will never repent for her wrong deeds. He later chose to further his study overseas.
  • Son Soo-jung (Jo Bo-ah) resigned from her post as Seolsong’s teacher to become the witness for the corruption in Seolsong, admitting she had paid for the position as a permanent teacher. After the corruption case was resolved, she kept trying to apply for a teaching position in the government schools.
  • Teacher Park (Chun Ho-jin) was requested to leave the school when he tried to expose the corruption, also as a way to ensure Bok-soo can continue to stay at Seolsong. He later become a government official overseeing the investigation of Seolsong’s corruption. Upon Se-ho’s request, he then became Seolsong’s principal.
  • Se-ho’s mother not only remain unrepentant towards her actions, tried to push the blame to Se-ho, but also to admit before Se-ho that she never loved or accepted him since he was born. She tried to abolish Seolsong to threaten Se-ho into taking the rap for her.
  • The students of Seolsong united together, no matter if they were from Ivy Class or Wild Flower Class, to stop the school from being abolished. The students also had promising careers after graduation, working hard for themselves.


While My Strange Hero is packaged as a romantic comedy, it also discussed about the flaws in education system. Not only were the students categorized based on the test scores, students with better grades were provided with better resources although all students paid the same tuition fees. The rich were able to receive extra service (e.g. the answers to the exam papers beforehand?) if they made donations to the school, which kind of reminded by of Sky Castle. While Sky Castle focuses on how parents can do for the children, My Strange Hero focuses more on how teachers can do for the students to encourage them to have a positive goal towards their life, and how high school students are not just competitors, they are also friends who can help one another.

Perhaps Seolsong High School is just a one-off case, since Se-ho’s mother as the school director had a very distorted view towards running the school. In front of the crowd, she appeared as a dedicated educator, but behind her mask, she was just a money grubber, using the school like a company to earn money from the parents and even the staffs (by buying the job positions). Her plan to build Seolsong University is just another business plan to earn more money for herself. So the root of all problems in Seolsong can be simply directed to Se-ho’s mother, and can also be easily resolved by removing her from her position (although the process was not easy as she had connections with important people).

Se-ho was really pitiful to be born with this kind of mother, having to try pleasing her all his life to learn that she never loved or cared for him even for a moment. However, I don’t think my pity for him will discount him from the wrong deeds that he did earlier to Bok-soo, Soo-jung and Teacher Park. Well, both Kwak Do-yeon and Kim Yeo-jin did a excellent job here. I think Kwak Do-yeon really portrayed the dilemma of his character: the guilt in performing the wrong deeds and the longing need to feel accepted especially by his mother and Soo-jung. Kim Yeo-jin was so cold and unfeeling here, very different to the characters she played earlier in My Secret Terrius and Children of Nobody, that I thought I will classify Se-ho’s mother as one of the worse mothers in Kdrama (the other being Poong-sang’s mother in Liver or Die).

Overall, this drama is recommended to watch, as the plot is nicely organised without much major flaw in logics, not to mentioned about the many sweet sweet moments of our cute couple, Bok-soo and Soo-jung (AKA K. Revenge and S. Crystal 🤣). It is just a pity that Teacher Park was unable to unite with Bok-soo’s mother 😭.

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