Lawyer Jo 2: Too many cooks?

I really feel Jo 2 is rather jinxed. First we have Park Shin-yang injuring himself so badly he needs 2 weeks to recuperate…and then appear in subsequent eps in crutches (he hurt his spine, btw), with a sloppy explanation of him getting involved in a road accident. And now, our rather funny sidekicks — Lee Mi-do and Jo Dal-hwan, who play the too-friendly creditors, Jung-ja and Dong-chool — being scrapped unceremoniously from Jo 2. (why??)

Not too sure if the removal of the sidekicks is to give the 2 leads more airtime to glower and glare at each other — which is what Deul-ho and Ja-kyung do whenever they meet (and that is pretty often). But I personally feel it’s a poor choice. Cos the posturing that is happening between the 2 leads…can feel rather over-the-top and heavy handed. I did look forward to Jung-ja and her budding undercover role as well as her husband’s smart-alecky comments. Both of them retain the old vibe of Jo 1, where Deul-ho had employed a variety of homeless people, “common men/women” (aka the invisible underdogs) as his spies.

Jo 2 is plainly lacking this “fun element”, where the people takes matters into their own hands, and help Lawyer Jo tear down Goliath. In Jo 2, it feels like Deul-ho versus Ja-kyung ALL the time. He tries to thwart her and becomes an obstacle to her revenge plan at the same time (though the latter is unbeknownst to him).

And the revenge plot which Ja-kyung is carrying out…I dunno why she is so brave to actually use her real name under Chairman Gook’s employment, when her eventual target is going to be him. And Gook (even though he is old) is still sharp. He has caught on that those people who had mysteriously surfaced and then died are all related to the homeless shelter which he had helped to finance in his younger days — and which had operated as a human organs’ blackmarket. It won’t be long before he finds out Ja-kyung’s sister (Hye-kyung) had been one of the “goods” that was cut up and sold, since he also has started to clandestinely started snooping around to see who had contacted his dead compatriots.

Sad to say…the revenge plot of Ja-kyung is really taking up too much air time. So instead of Jo 1‘s very campy and fist pumping small victories (which led eventually to uprooting Jo 1‘s Goliath), Jo 2 has gone on a different (and imo, less attractive) track.

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