Romance is a Bonus Book: When Paper is unable to wrap Fire…

The title of the post is a literal translation of a Chinese idiom btw. The meaning of it is similar to “cat out of the bag” or secrets to be spilled (with a slightly darker intonation). Just as things are looking up for our female lead, Dan-i, in terms of her love life (she gives up a plain Joe husband and now has TWO handsome young suitors), and career, the secrets she has been hiding are now threatening to reveal themselves and in the process, possibly ruin her.

First off…while we understand the reason why she claimed to be a high school grad when she is a degree holder (with several other professional certs under her belt) is cos she was desperate then to find a job to support herself, and more importantly, her daughter. Unfortunately, that “white lie” can be seen as maliciously withholding info — and her integrity could be called into question. After all, she had taken a spot where another high school grad should have been hired. And lying (in whatever forms) and subsequently being caught out — is probably not going to go down well. If it wasn’t Director Ko who found out, maybe Dan-i could still have a slim chance of making it through. But we do know Director Ko is very by-the-book and super strict…so it isn’t a surprise her recourse is to fire Dan-i.

Secondly…Dan-i and Eun-ho. While I am happy that slow-poke Eun-ho has FINALLY made the obvious first move (instead of circumventing the “I LIKE YOU SINCE DONKEY YEARS AGO” confession), and Dan-i is slowly but surely reciprocating…it also means their lovey-doveyness is likely to be spotted by eagle-eyed Hae-rin. While Hae-rin may be somewhat rash at times, Romance has convinced me that she is still a level-headed and (hopefully) not vindictive character. I do like her, and I have hopes of her budding relationship with Seo-joon.

However, we will still need to tide over the consequences of Hae-rin’s sense of betrayal from her crush and sunbae, Eun-ho, as well as her new best friend, Dan-i. It may take some time for her to work out that they didn’t MEAN to hide their relationship from everyone at work, much less their current romantic relationship. Tbf, I would be a little cheesed off too, if I found out my colleague (and crush) at work is actually long time friends with a new hire — and that they both are in love and cohabiting.

Then again, I have grown to know and love the crew at Gyeroo Publishing. They may sometimes rub each other the wrong way, but at end of the day, they still pull through as a team. So I am quite sure the little hurdle Dan-i and Eun-ho have to jump across may just be a little speed bump.

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  1. Hae-rin is a terrific character and they have not ruined her at all in the final episodes. I like that Eun-ho and Dan-i have continued to unfold in an organic manner. Even though Eun-ho gets to say some amazing things, I haven’t been totally convinced by the writing of his character. Dan-i on the otherhand is amazing. As for “cat out of the bag”, yes it’s appropriate on so many levels 🤗

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