Possessed: That supernatural slant

While it is only a matter of time before the evil spirit, who is now more of Hwang Dae-do than Dr Sun, is caught and punished, it doesn’t mean I agree with Pil-sung’s rather brainless headlong dash into capturing the psycho. His “hunches” are spot on — plus with his keen observation skills mean he notices slight behavioural changes which his colleagues gloss over. To Pil-sung, those little nuggets add up to paint Dr Sun as the serial killer — even though there is zero hard evidence to prove it.

Rather unfortunately, Pil-sung is a detective who’d probably (in his boss’ words) get on better in the 80s — where “hunches” are deemed “evidence” enough to capture and put a man behind bars. Of course, given today’s climate and zero tolerance for investigative errors, Pil-sung’s utter lack of evidence to tie the slippery Dae-do + Dr Sun to his crimes mean all he did was alert the perp and make a fool of himself.

Then again, even with my head shakings and eye-rollings at Pil-sung’s rashness, I cannot hate him. Cos his biggest fault is his sense of justice and compassion (similar to Hae-il in Fiery Priest, just that he lacks Hae-il’s planning ability). Like how Hae-il takes in the downtrodden in Gudam City, Pil-sung caves pretty quickly to the stray ghosts squatting in his basement flat. Instead of chasing them out, he started feeding them…and ended up (unwittingly) broadcasting that there’s free food for the lost and lonely souls out there.

And I suppose that’s why Seo-jung has that slight crush on Pil-sung (the feeling is mutual btw, just that they are both stubborn asses to admit to it). Underneath that scruffy exterior, she senses a man with a big heart and an unwavering sense of responsibility. It probably stems from him losing his mum to suicide — maybe the younger Pil-sung blames himself for not seeing the signs or stopping her in time. Of cos, when Pil-sung’s “third eye” is opened, Seo-jung sees herself as having a comrade whom she can share about those things she “see” with.

But the supernatural in Possessed isn’t all fun and comedy — in the case of Hwang Dae-do and a naive Dr Sun (who thinks letting an evil spirit possess him means “sharing” his body…fat chance), we have an adversary who is both experienced (in murders), suave (as the charming surgeon Dr Sun) and very, very dangerous (since both are meticulous planners — and psychopaths).

As I said before, for a character(s) that evil, the ending is very much cast in stone. The spirits which Hwang Dae-do stole will upset the balance between Heaven and Earth (I could see the Grim Reapers flexing their arms to re-capture him already), it’s only a matter of (less than) 16 eps before he meets his ghastly end. But along the way, we probably have to suffer through Pil-sung’s slightly annoying (and brainless) brash behaviours — coupled with the cuteness that is between him and Seo-jung. (the latter I won’t mind watching more of)

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