Movie Review: Hit-and-run Squad (2019)


Eun Shi-yeon (Gong Hyo-jin) used to work with team leader Yoo Ji-hyun (Yum Jung-ah) to find evidence of their Chief accepting bribes from a businessman Jung Chae-cheol (Jo Jung-seok). Unable to find the critical evidence, the team was disbanded and Shi-yeon was demoted to a local hit-and-run investigation unit which only consisted of two other team members, Woo Sun-young (Jeon Hye-jin) and Seo Min-jae (Ryu Jun-yeol). Min-jae had the special ability to reconstruct the scene of the road accident on the spot to identify the type the vehicle responsible for the accident, much to the annoyance of Shi-yeon for not following the normal investigation procedure.

Shi-yeon engaged the help of a prosecutor Ki Tae-ho (Son Seok-koo) to infiltrate into the party hosted by Chae-cheol to investigate on the bribery case privately, only to find Min-jae at the party to investigate an accident caused by a special racing car. Min-jae used to be a drug peddler (original name was Kim Min-jae), and was a genius car racer due to the need to escape from police. He was adopted by his foster father (cameo by Lee Sung-min), who was the police officer going after Min-jae on road, but was saved by Min-jae when he encountered an accident. Shi-yeon and Min-jae worked together to retrieved that special racing car, which was both the evidence for the Chief’s bribery case and the road accident, but was betrayed by Ji-hyun, leading to the failure of the plan as well as the death of Min-jae’s foster father. In order to prosecute Chae-cheol, Min-jae once again worked with Shi-yeon, together with Sun-young and truck drivers who had received help from Min-jae’s foster father previously, to prevent Chae-cheol from fleeing the country.


Initially, I had high expectation for this movie as 2 of my favourite actors, Gong Hyo-jin and Jo Jung-seok, who had previously worked together in Jealousy Incarnate (also known as Don’t dare to dream), were cast in this movie. Perhaps due to my high expectation, I did not find this movie as thrilling as I would have expected. The actors surely delivered, but they were not spectacular, probably also due to poor writing of the story. For a story titled as Hit-and-run squad, and the central of the story to be catching a crazy guy racing on the highways, the process of catching this guy could not be slower. Besides, I do not see the need to kill Min-jae’s foster father in their first attempt to catch Chae-cheol, since based on Min-jae’s and Shi-yeon’s personality, they would definitely haunt Chae-cheol until he was arrested.

The betrayal from Ji-hyun was definitely a twist in the plot (although it was not impossible, I never expected this), and it once again highlight that corruption cannot be brought down by corruption, as the righteous-turned-corrupted officer will most likely continue their deeds to secure the power they had so hard tried to attain.

This movie is definitely recommended for those who really like racing, but you may considering only watching the last 20 minute or so for the car racing scene.

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  1. I liked it well enough, including the car racing scenes. The back story was good re Min-Jae. I felt the corruption elements were glossed over and needed to be teased out more. As for the various staff reassignments along the way – I’m not sure they made sense either. Then with GHJ and JJS, you just sit back and watch as they eat up the screen in any film or show that they do.

    There are scenes throughout the movie that portrayed the life of the tow truck driver and the mechanic (in fact the camaraderie at night back at the foster father’s workshop is very much like that universally) – so a nice touch. It does suggest at the end there will be a sequel, which I think would be just fine 🤗

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