Big Issue – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

Han Seok-joo (Joo Jin-mo) was the best photo-journalist at a major newspaper before being embroiled in a scandal. He ended up being an alcohol addict and lived on the streets for three years until a chance encounter with Ji Soo-hyun (Han Ye-seul). Soo-hyun is the editor of an online tabloid (?) and she knows how aggressive Seok-joo can be on the job. She makes a deal with Seok-joo to obtain photos of some idols gambling illegally on the train, and she’ll help him look for his estranged wife and daughter.

To Watch or Not

Coming from the writer of Yong Pal, I’m sure the story will be gripping and fast paced…at least for the first half of Show. Indeed, there was a lot of action and also a demand for the suspension of disbelief at how Seok-joo takes his photos. He’s practically a stuntman scaling walls and crawling around air vents and I’m surprised he’s still alive actually.

I’m not sure if Korean paparazi go to such life-threatening measures just to obtain a few shots, and I’m also not sure if they’re so hi-tech as shown in Show (secret operation room with a huge screen that live-streams footages to the editor?). But I’m sure they have a vast network of informants and staking out is a norm.

Story-wise it IS entertaining and with what’s happening in South Korea now, it is as if the line between fiction and life is blurred. I’m not keen on any lovelines and at the half-way mark now (yeah I know I’m late with this post) it doesn’t feel like there will be any although Soo-hyun is being pretty ambiguous (fingers crossed).

The broadcast accident at Episode 6 is rather unfortunate so I suppose it’s a good thing the production team is taking a week off airing to work on the post-production. It’d be a shame though if the pause is due to reworking the plot (current development is a milder version of the Jang Ja-yeon case), as some conspiracy theorists put forth.

So, to watch or not? I’ll defintely be catching this till the end.

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