Possessed: Aww shucks…

Tbh, I am more worried that there will be no more lovey-dovey (disguised under a thin veil of nonchalance) between our OTP, than the darker turn of the narrative. After all, the latter is to be expected. The next person which Hwang Dae-doo possessed is a Kdrama chaebol (read: powerful, near-indestructible), imbued now with additional superhuman abilities. (it’s kinda ironic that Yeon Jeong-hun aka our Vampire Prosecutor is in the role as the supernatural villain, since he used to play a supernatural detective)

Since Hwang Dae-doo (or Soo-hyeok) is no longer just a “mere human”, it is up to Seo-jung to subdue him. Of cos, the bringing the human to her still rests on Pil-sung. But in order to exorcist Hwang for good, she has to take on the mantle of priestess.

While it is not a vow of celibacy like your Catholic priesthood, such roles (in every culture) require the usual sacrifices of giving up “worldly desires”, “material wealth” and other trappings that “bind”, in order to gain a level of enlightenment. And reneging on the chosen path tend to bring about misfortune and bad luck — Seo-jung herself, is an example of said misfortune. Her mother had ended up loving a man after taking on the shaman/ priestess role and (maybe?) cursed her husband to death, plus abandoning a baby Seo-jung in case she dies too. Naturally, Seo-jung would be afraid and a firm believer that history will repeat itself if Pil-sung continues to love her.

Thank goodness our leading man is pigheaded enough to heck care about it. And I must say, he takes the award in using the least amount of time (all about 5 mins of screen time?) to come around from moping to deciding he will “risk it”. Although the OTP doesn’t come around to say the “L(ove)” word, Pil-sung’s declaration to Seo-jung that he is willing to bear any “future misfortune” since his current one (i.e. Seo-jung leaving him) is killing him already, is good enough for Seo-jung (and us).

I am quite optimistic though, about our OTP avoiding any forms of curse from their union in future. Cos 1) we have historical cases from previous Kdramas about impossible unions made possible and 2) I am sure Heaven will close one eye if they manage to eradicate Hwang and bring back the balance between Heaven and Hell.

And talking about Hwang’s eradication — the mention about his past as him having undergone some form of trauma may be the key to unlocking the psycho’s psyche and also possibly a way to exorcise him. Cos exorcism isn’t just about removing a supernatural being, it’s also taking away something that has festered and become bad. In both ways, it seems that Hwang needs that “cleansing”.

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  1. I think our leading man is awesome. I like how he keeps it simple (SSB was also my favourite character in My Mister). Our lead couple keep being delightful together and I have high hopes the writers will ensure Heaven does the right thing in the end.

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