My Fellow Citizens – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

Choi Siwon and Lee Yoo-young plays the least compatible (in terms of occupation) couple in Dramaland, with him as a veteran conman and her a cop. Conman Yang Jung-gook learnt the trades from his Dad, while policewoman Kim Mi-young followed the footsteps of her Mom in becoming a police detective. The pair met while drowning their sorrows post breakup with their respective exes, and Mi-young offered a no strings attached trial dating, which eventually became a real relationship and both ended up getting married.

The catch here is, both lied about their occupations because that was the exact reason that led to their previous breakup. Mi-young came clean only after the wedding, much to Jung-kook’s horror. And we fast forward to the couple two years after getting hitched, with none of the passion during courtship left in their married life. To make things worse for Jung-kook, Mi-young is back to leading a team (at the fraud intelligence department, no less) instead of a regular desk job at the police station, and an old enemy is back to take revenge on him.

To Watch or Not

I’m hungry for more hijinks after the first hour, and the second hour left me in stitches. Show isn’t afraid to be over the top and Choi Siwon is hilarious with his different facial expressions. Despite the setup sounding ridiculous on paper, watching how the story unfold actually made sense. Although the main couple lied to each other and made their own married life miserable, it is obvious they love each other. A divorce is most likely going to happen but I’m sure they’ll make up and live happily ever after.

Coming to the other part of the story, where Jung-kook will eventually become a politician, I love how sassy his enemy moneylender Park Hoo-ja (Kim Min Jung) is. She’s a shrewd businesswoman and she’s serious about avenging her Dad (or perhaps more for the money he was conned by Jung-kook). In the most coincidental twist ever, Jung-kook finds himself a reluctant national hero. Instead of (possibly) killing Jung-kook for revenge, Hoo-ja decides to use his soaring popularity to her advantage: make him a politician to amend the constituition laws on loans. This plot development just screams hijinks. Given the hilarity in the first two hours, I’m hopeful that the writer can continue to deliver the laughs while making the story reasonable.

4 thoughts on “My Fellow Citizens – First Impression

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  1. Kim Min Jung as Park Hoo-ja is a scream in this show. Her reaction each time to the incompetence of her minions and things going wrong around her is priceless. I like our lead couple too – they do deserve a happy ending. Kim Mi-young’s Mum is also playing a good support role (as she is in a number of other shows at the moment. It’s almost as if she is providing the balance to her vitriolic performance in Something in the Rain). I’m looking forward to what comes next 🤗

    1. Not forgetting Mom also had a special appearance in Possessed as Mom too! Her role in Something in the Rain was just too unfortunate.
      But anyway, this drama is fast becoming a new favorite :p

      1. Kil Hae Yeon’s role as the mum in Possessed is very good and I like the depth to her character. I like Lee Yoo-young’s very much in Citizens because of her versatility (I thought she was wasted in Your Honor). Bring on the election 🤩🤩🤩

      2. I’m sad Mom’s soul is being trapped at that evil tree in Possessed.
        Yeah I thought the entire cast in Your Honor is pretty wasted!

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