Mother of Mine – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

Kim Hae-sook takes on the role as the matriarch Park Sun-ja in KBS newest weekender, a widow (?) and mother of three grown daughters. She also runs a soup restaurant with her younger brother, and looks after her granddaughter when her firstborn Kim Mi Seon (Yoo Sun) is at work. Second daughter Mi Ri (Kim So Yeon) is a team leader at a leading fashion company, while youngest daughter Mi Hye (Kim Ha Kyung) is a struggling writer.

Mi Seon’s husband and mother-in-law are annoying people and I basically tune out when they’re on screen, but I like the father-in-law (Joo Hyun). He is the sole voice of reason and humanity and I hope he can teach his wife a lesson or two.

In Episode 3 (or was it 4) we learnt that Mi Ri is not Sun-ja’s birth daughter, and most likely Jeon In Sook (Choi Myung Gil) is her mother. In Sook has currently taken over the CEO position at Mi Ri’s company and I think she has no idea Mi Ri was the daughter she abandoned although she knows Mi Ri doesn’t like her.

I’m not too keen on Mi Hye’s story arc either – she’s an author with one and only hit novel and has no longer had any books published since then. There seems to be some bad blood between her and her ex Jae Beom (Nam Tae Boo) although he keeps appearing at her house and her family likes him pretty much.

Rounding up the cast we have Hong Jong Hyun playing Han Tae Joo, currently subordinate of Mi Ri but he seems to be part of In Sook’s family. Mi Hye is starting work at her old publisher’s, and is already at loggerheads with her boss, Kim Woo Jin (Ki Tae Young), son of her old publisher.

To Watch or Not

I realise for the past few years I’ve been watching only family dramas released in spring, but never those in fall. Kim Hae-sook is the biggest draw for me here, in a drama which sounded not much different from most other family dramas. The other reason why I’ve decided to watch this is because of the scriptwriter, who penned other weekenders such as Father, I’ll Take Care of You and The Goddess of Marriage, latter of which I enjoyed fairly well. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend this as a must watch , unless you’re really free or really into family dramas.

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