Final Review: The Fiery Priest

I love happy endings, especially when one of my favourite characters (i.e. Priest Han) doesn’t die. 🙂 As expected, the ending of Fiery is the Good-Guy-underdogs-win-the-day. However, I do like how Fiery has also treated some of the not so pleasant characters.

Tbf, nearly all of Hae-il’s team are culpable of corruption at some point. They started off with being not so different from the Bad Guys — either they partake openly in the bribing or they turn a blind eye to the bullying of the weak. Even if they have their “reasons” — like Dae-young. While his initial intent was to protect his ex-partner’s family members from harm, he also succumbed to being apathetic to the oppressed’s plight. Like his team mates, he routinely catches “criminals” who are volunteers from the mob to meet the police “quota”, so that the real masterminds can go scot-free.

Same for Prosecutor Park, whose change only came about much later, when her life was threatened and she realised she is expendable as a pawn. Her initial agreement to join Hae-il’s team was more for self-preservation than a sense of wanting to bring the criminals to justice (since she is quite aware she will implicate herself in the process).

But while Prosecutor Park and Dae-young are given a well-rounded 3D treatment to their characters’ growths, I was pleasantly surprised that the hoodlums Cheol-bum and Jang Ryong were also part of the deal. As I mentioned earlier, I had hopes of Cheol-bum turning good, cos the earlier introduction of him with Priest Lee was not antagonistic. Thus to see him as Priest Lee’s murderer is rather far fetched. And truly, he did join Hae-il’s team — temporarily — to take down Prosecutor Kang and Joong-kwan (and also retrieve the money Joong-kwan robbed). But their partnership (even though exciting) was short-lived. Cos Cheol-bum has strayed too much into the Bad Guys camp to really make it out spotless.

Jang Ryong though, was different. Unlike the hardcore Cheol-bum and Asst Kim, he is mainly there for the funnies. Even though he is rather mean to bully Ssongsak for his accent, most of the time, he is pretty ineffectual as a mobster. And I love how Ssongsak sees through Jang Ryong’s bullying as a form of insecurity and forgives him eventually.

I do hope for Season 2, we get a repeat of our Dream Team (including Mama Boy, Priest Han, and our 10-tails Fox, Sister Kim) PLUS the released Cheol-bum and Jang Ryong. I still am holding out hope that Cheol-bum will turn over a new leaf and use his cunning and fists to help Hae-il. And Jung Ryong-Ssongsak — they really need more screen time to develop that budding bromance. Maybe they can be another Kim Nam-Gil/ Kim Sung-kyun pairing.

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