He Is Psychometric: A Tangled Web

Sorry, I only recently started on Psychometric, after struggling through the lack of good shows this season. (don’t ask me how many I dropped halfway…) And yes, I know Psychometric has ended, so please…no spoilers.

Well, I find myself getting drawn to Psychometric and marathoning through like 5eps in a night, cos it does have an interesting plot. There are several mysteries and cases which seem to be linked to this one mysterious guy in black…and also Prosecutor Kang. For some reasons, I find myself not entirely trusting Prosecutor Kang — and I blame it on the mise en scene… I find myself noticing too many scary looking posters of duality and of the Jekyll and Hyde type around Prosecutor Kang. Coincidence? Time will tell. (but don’t tell me pls)

Definitely though, the guy in black is somehow out to get Prosecutor Kang and is related to his childhood (was Prosecutor Kang an abused child?) plus his (deceased) mum. Lee Ahn and Jae-in, at this juncture, appear to be collateral damage.

But aww…our OTP (and wait, is Prosecutor Kang also interested Jae-in?) is so cute together. And I must say, they are perfect — Ahn, even with his ability, is this goofy dork. So while he “sees” things, he fails to interpret them correctly. Which Jae-in, with her brains, easily connects the dots for him (or them). In most dramas, I’d cringe at the over-used theme of the OTP being “fated” to be, since they met when young blah blah. But in Psychometric’s case, it works.

Cos the fire 11 years ago by the mysterious serial killer is the link to Ahn attaining his ability, to him meeting a distraught Jae-in (and hopefully saving her dad in future), and lastly tying up with Prosecutor Kang as his saviour and new “family”.

Kudos also to the fresh faces on Psychometric — our trio (especially the OTP) may not have a long enough career playing lead roles, but they are very convincing. Especially Ahn and Jae-in.

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