Save Me 2 – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

The tiny village of Wolchoori is recently designated as flood-prone zone, which sent the villagers into a frenzy because they have to move out in a few years time. In comes a man known as Professor Choi (Chun Ho-jin) who offered legal advice to the villagers and helped them secure large amounts of compensation from the provincial government.

In a seemingly separate thread, we’re also introduced to an inmate Kim Min-cheol (Uhm Tae-goo) whose fists are faster than his mouth (and possibly his brain) and is unnecessarily violent. He too came from Wolchoori but he is infamous enough to be known by people outside the village (within the province) and he’s kind of a legend among the high school children.

Min-cheol is technically the first person to realise something is off with Professor Choi, while Byeong-ryul (Seong Hyuk) who introduced Choi to the other villagers found out about the sinister side of Choi by accident.

To Watch or Not

I totally enjoyed Save Me 1 (unlike sab and bearcatchong) so I was pretty hyped for this instalment. I have to say, this is not a sequel (as written somewhere else on the WWW) and the genre is different so far. The main antagonist(s) here is more of an organized crime rather than a cult as in the first series, and Professor Choi only claims to be a church elder rather than a pastor. We have a legit pastor Cheol-woo (Kim Young-min) here (as of Episode 5, I’m not sure if he’ll turn out to be a fraud but it doesn’t seem like it) who’s doubtful and resentful to be sent to a tiny sleepy village to start a church but he seems a good person anyway.

The story is peeled away by the layer like an onion, as we are slowly introduced to the nefarious plan of Professor Choi and he has been plotting it for some time, with the help Byeong-ryul’s wife Jin-sook (Oh Yeon Ah) who actually is Choi’s mole. I fear for Byeong-ryul’s life now that he’s captured by Choi’s henchmen. I’m also waiting to see how Min-cheol’s sister Young-seon (Esom) will be caught in the web of deceit and how Min-cheol will save her. He is now hellbent on exposing Choi despite not knowing fully Choi’s plans. This is where his rashness comes in handy because it provides a whole load of conflict everytime Choi and Min-cheol meets.

Show is pretty slowburn as we have yet seen anything cult-ish like that in the original series. I find this series enjoyable in its own right, with more action and sinister undertones of an organized criminal mob. I feel the difference in the storytelling here adds to the complications and reflects current Korean social problems better than the original.

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