The Secret Life of My Secretary: Secretaries’ Secrets

It’s not just Gal-hee and her assuming of chaebol Veronica Park’s identity that is “the” secret in Secret. Apparently, all the other secretaries have hidden agendas of their own. Especially Eul-wang (another secretary role for Jang So-yeon after Touch your Heart).

The corporate infighting, espionage, and power struggle are set from ep1, and as the narrative progresses, it becomes obvious that Min-ik’s hold to power is tenuous at the start. He is probably an illegitimate son adopted into the wealthy Do’s family — but Daddy died along the way, and he is stuck with a step mum who obviously hates him. But since the couple are childless, she sticks around — for appearances’ stakes. Tbf, she isn’t an abusive stepmother (at least not physically abusive), cos she also paid for Min-ik’s expensive (and long drawn) treatment of his brain tumour. Well, Mummy needs him, cos Min-ik is the only bargaining chip she has to retain her husband’s company — which her brother-in-law (Director Sim) is eyeing.

But Min-ik’s childhood isn’t the complicated narrative — as compared to the 2 live-in secretaries in the Do’s household. One of them is Eul-wang, and the other (deceased), is Dae-joo’s mum. Something probably happened between Dae-joo’s mum and Uncle Sim, which Eul-wang was aware of but is not telling. And that incident is likely linked to why Uncle Sim is intent on making use of a reluctant (?) Dae-joo to uproot Min-ik from his CEO seat.

Sounds complicated enough? Well…Eul-wang isn’t the only secretary with a secret. Ha-ni, the secretary to Uncle Sim, knows the assassin who is hovering around Min-ik. We are not too sure at the moment if he is linked to Dae-joo and Uncle Sim, but he is searching for a USB that can “reveal the unjust death” of somebody related to Ha-ni and himself. In fact, Ha-ni calls him “oppa” — which can mean a term of endearment or she is his sibling.

Hopefully, with Min-ik’s sudden recovery (yep, he can see faces again, albeit on-off) in ep6, he can unravel some of these mysteries. At the very least, he might learn that the “Veronica Park” he is seeing is not the same Veronica Park who is currently lusting after Dae-joo.

And btw, I love Veronica Park — she is the over-the-top heiress, but she is definitely not a bimbo. She has a very sharp business sense, and immediately sees through the cheap trick Uncle Sim used to mix up her “date”. Plus, despite her annoying bitchy voice, she isn’t a bad boss. She actually likes Gal-hee — her previous secretary. Well…seems like Gal-hee is actually quite loved (even Min-ik admits she puts his mind at ease, and he can’t envision a day without her…and this is NOT knowing her “double role” as V. Park).

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  1. Everything you said is spot on. I having a wee bit of trouble with this but am watching it. And Veronica Park cracks me up. The voice can drive you batty but she is played so well. And love how she told the little sister that you can’t act. Still on the fence with this one but going to keep my watching, bless my addiction. Thank you for the recaps and first impressions.

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