Abyss: The Scary-Funny

If you haven’t started or planned to start to watch Abyss, suggest you give it a try or put it on your to-watch list. While the story can sometimes be a little infuriating, it largely stems from the omnipresent view the audience has of the narrative. Yep, you may be rolling your eyes at why Se-yeon and Min walked into a “trap” — cos you have foreknowledge of what the villains are going to do. And they don’t.

But that doesn’t mean the OTP are dense. They catch on fairly quickly — even for the seemingly “dense” Detective Park. Once Park is aware of “Mi-do”‘s real identity (aka Se-yeon), and reconciled himself to the strangeness of a bunch of people being revived by a something which he can’t see, he has proven himself to be quite a proficient detective. Much better than his bungling team mates for sure.

And Se-yeon and Min combined are sleuths on their own. Min — even in his roly-poly days, has been shown to be a genius. At least in the logical/analytical/book learning type (he is quite clueless on the hints young Se-yeon has been dropping on her feelings for him). The older Min has also proven his reliability in the business realm, so yes, he IS very bright. In fact, between himself and Se-yeon, both of them are No. 1 and 2 in the school rankings.

Which is why the game of cat and mouse is so balanced in Abyss. We have 2 genius psychopaths (or rather 1 genius psychopath, and his son — who probably has assumed Ji-wook’s identity due to some past machinations) versus 2 similarly intelligent leads. I must say Se-yeon is not only smart, but is able to react quick on her feet. When Ji-wook successfully lured her into his car (in the hope he can finish her off silently), she catches on to his duality and pretended to act as though she is unaware, while snapping pictures of Ji-wook and their location — thereby scaring him off from the act eventually.

So while each ep ends on a scary cliffhanger — with the bad guys closing in — somehow, the good guys always prevail. And to have it happen so many times, it’s no longer just “good luck”, but “good reactions, quick thinking”.

Combined with this reassurance that our Forces of Good are on par with the Forces of Evil, is the emerging cuteness of the OTP. Se-yeon in her current form is yet unable to step down from her previous pedestal. So yes, a little bit of snottiness from Goddess Se-yeon does come creeping in. But it usually doesn’t end in her favour, since she is now half a head shorter than the “previously fatty Min”. And a dreamscape kinda sums up her current situation — the love and adulation have transferred to the now Adonis-looking Min.

Luckily it is not in Min’s nature to be haughty. So while he gently ribs Se-yeon for her current “stature”, he continues to play this sweet, devoted best friend (plus more) to Se-yeon. As mentioned earlier, Se-yeon isn’t completely blind to Min’s affections too.

As early as ep1, we get the sense she is sulking when Min has turned his attention to his fiancee, Hee-jin. And we get confirmation when we have a really sweet flashback to when the pair were in high school, and Se-yeon is pissed she is ranked behind Min again. Min had gently pointed out where she went wrong and recited the Maths formula to her in a way which she will remember (this formula later become a “lullaby” to Se-yeon).

I suppose Se-yeon has inadvertently leaned on and depended on Min, without even her being consciously aware that this “feeling” may not just be friendship. So while she accuses Min of being dense (cos he thought the box of chocolates she gave him on White Valentine’s is an “extra” from her suitors, when that day is customary for a girl to gift chocs to a guy she likes), Se-yeon isn’t very aware or honest of her own feelings either.

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