What kooriyuki watched this week – Jun 5 – 11 2019

Anyone else like me drowning in dramas recently? I find the recent drama offerings more engaging and I just can’t find time to catch them all!

Investigation Couple 2: Four episodes in and Show continues to be amazing. It’s almost like there was no one year break in between this and series 1. The case-of-the-week is as engaging as ever and I love how Crazy Beom (Jung Jae-young) is dogged in pursuing the truth when people around him are constantly being either 1) subjective or 2) have vested interests. Like sab, I find Sally (Kang Seung Hyun) annoying (albeit harmless) and I miss Stephanie Lee lots. =( And when is next week coming! I need to know what’s the deal with Dr K (Noh Min Woo)!

The Secret Life of My Secretary: He finally knows! And now we enter the angsty part of Show *yawns* I have to admit I watch Show not for the OTP and thus I’m not ragey like some other netizens are that Gal-hee (Jin Ki-joo) is dragging the facade on longer than it should have. Kim Jae-kyung is totally winning as Veronica Park, balancing the over the top behavior and the sensitive, thoughtful side very well. She easily wins hands down as the best second female lead ever.

Perfume: To quote bearcatchong on this, it’s not as funny as expected. Perhaps that was not exactly the intention but why would you cast Shin Sung-rok, the king of comical expressions if he’s not going to do something LOL-worthy? As usual I’d only managed to catch the first episode and plotwise it seems pretty been-there-done-that. Again, I wasn’t as disturbed as some netizens are about Show seemingly making fun of the oversized female lead (people need to calm down methinks). The only thing that I didn’t expect was the magical perfume seems to work only for a short period of time and thus require multiple applications.

Save Me 2: Finally caught up with the latest episodes and I can’t wait for the new episodes! Elder (or conman) Choi (Chun Ho-jin) has finally made his move on Young Sun (Esom) and will she be saved? The whole cult thing is pretty much established within the village now that most of the residents have seen the “healing” power of Pastor Sung. And it’s high time someone else other than Min Chul (Uhm Tae Goo) becomes suspicious of Choi. Min Chul’s running the one man show far too long.

Search: WWW: I absolutely love this. Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) is so going to be my girl-crush for the next 8 weeks. I can totally relate to her gamer mentality, that only those people whom we lost to catch our eyes (hur hur). And how awesome it is that we have a male lead who’s also a gamer and is observant? I was joking to a bearcatchong that perhaps I’d also have to wait till 38 like Ta Mi before I’ll meet a cute young guy like Mo Gun (Jang Ki Yong)?

Nokdu Flower: The Japanese are trying to find ways to infiltrate Korea’s domestic politics and war is breaking out when King Gojong refuses their thinly veiled “interests” repeatedly. On the Gobu front, I’m afraid Yi-hyun (Yoon Shi Yoon) will snap after exhibiting PTSD. He’s trying to change for the better (or righteous) and poor boy just can’t catch a break. My bets are on him not surviving beyond 1895.

Mother of Mine: So my Dad was saying if Mi-ri (Kim So-yeon) really wanted to take revenge she should have joined another company instead of joining forces with her current company’s Chairman. And her birth mom In-sook is really darn good at justifying herself, I can’t even. This drama is really a background filler during dinner time.

Arthdal Chronicles: Week 2 is more interesting I suppose? The political machinations are in place and we see the Arthdal alliance gradually falling apart. I wasn’t expecting Taealha (Kim Ok Bin) to be toying with both Ta Gon (Jang Dong Gun) and his father San-woong (Kim Eui Sang) and she’s kind of a terrible “spy” since both father and son knows of her relationship with each other *facepalm* I appreciate very much that Eun-seom (Song Jong-ki) pointed out the animal abuse (of keeping several chickens together in a small cage) the Arthdal people are doing. Homo sapiens are terrible! I also like the hints that the Asa tribe (mystical) and Wahan tribe could be related.

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  1. Really enjoying Investigation Couple, and I do see what you mean about Sally. Perfume is a bit disappointing to me, it just isn’t reaching me, I think the story is to disjointed for me. Arthdal Chronicles is visually great but almost to convoluted for me. As for Mother of Mine, I am struggling to watch that one. I do agree with you why would you stay at the place a person betrayed you so badly ( like her mother did) instead of going somewhere else and shining like the sun. Best revenge is to make yourself better than before, by succeeding. Just my ten cents worth (inflation you know).

    1. Hahaha everyone’s opinions about dramas are priceless! xD
      Yeah I don’t really see the pull for Perfume so idk why the ratings are higher than the other dramas in the same time slot.
      I think Arthdal is being too ambitious trying to tell a story of too many characters. I can see the parallels of it to GoT but I don’t think it’s fair to keep comparing both dramas. I think the story has settled in its groove now at Ep4 so I’ll continue to see how it unfolds.

  2. A fortnight ago I was thinking it was slim pickings. Now, there are shows all over the place and I also find myself distracted by two very good Hong Kong dramas (I know, two at the same time and in the same year 😱), then the same re a couple of Taiwanese dramas, let alone some J-dramas too. I’m also finishing up a number of good C-dramas.

    Search: WWW is a wonderful show. She even mentioned where I live in ep 2 with a very short, but accurate description. Investigation Couple – can it get any better? No personal conversations 😂😂😂 I’m almost tempted to look at Perfume, but I think Chief of Staff might be what’s next for me. A daily K-drama I am really enjoying is Shady (Suspicious) Mother-In-Law. Why? Because believe it or not, it is a nice drama – lots of 🌈 and 🦄. As for Arthdal, no comparison with GoT (I never watched the end, as they ruined it for me with S8 E3). I still need to look at Nokdu too. I’m not sure about the Save Me series, although it is a theme I do like to watch.

    1. Wow you watch a good number of East Asian dramas!
      I’d recommend giving Save Me 2 a try. I find it more engaging than the original. Not that the original is boring, quite the contrary, but the cult parts also make me LOL, which I believe was not the intended reaction from the production crew. The villain in Save Me 2 is such a vile two-faced ahjusshi! Chun Ho-jin is really good in anything.
      Nokdu is lovely. It’s my go-to every weekend. I’m not tempted to continue with Perfume, and I think you’ll enjoy Chief of Staff (my Dad sure did),

  3. Yes, Show is realistic enough. It certainly hits its straps re eps 3&4. Although I operate in a different political system, the way the Chief of Staff (CoS) and the other officers “do business” and provide support is no different. JTJ is an excellent CoS. In fact, he is more typical of the CoS for a President etc or even a minister the way he controls things around him and in terms of the level of advice he provides and how he plays his strategies.

    The need to provide speedy advice is spot on e.g. when working at a particular government department many years ago I received a phone call one afternoon that said the Minister was on the floor of the house and needed my written advice on x now. I was then to proceed to the parliament and wait behind the screen in the lower house with the advice. I think I had 20 minutes to pull it all together. In the Australian system, no staff are allowed in the chamber (the assembly) unlike what we see in Kdramas.

    I have also interacted with many politicians and CoS at all levels, and in terms of how they operate. Politicians are not necessarily the brightest people in the room (although some certainly are), but they all know the Game of Thrones very well. In fact, KSY as a newbie, is clever, and is running rings around the old guard. Hopefully, the relationship between JTJ and KSY will not get the usual Kdrama angst, but it probably will. It’s also fabulous to see Shin Min Ah and Elliya Lee playing such mature roles.

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