The Secret Life of My Secretary: Second Female Lead

Oh man, I love Ms Veronica Park to bits. She has all the qualities of a potential bitchy second female lead — being a chaebol, having an airhead bimbo appearance and all — BUT she has proven that there are more layers to her than an onion has skin.

Yes, she is (imo) hilariously over the top, with that strange accent and her “awesome” English. But I have mentioned before that beneath that showy exterior she possesses a really sharp business mind. And while she may be head over heels in love with Dae-joo, it hasn’t clouded her businesswoman’s sense. She knows the proposal he brings (a contract for CinePark and T&T) is beneficial to both companies, and I am quite sure even if things don’t work out romantically between them, she will still honour that contract.

But most surprising is her treatment towards Gal-hee. Even after she knows her ex-secretary has been impersonating her, she doesn’t get angry. Though she has an ulterior motive to make Gal-hee continue to impersonate her, the fact that she doesn’t immediately haul Gal-hee to the police station confirms that she has a soft spot for her. And her plea to Gal-hee to continue to be “Veronica Park” so that she has a chance with Dae-joo — it melted my heart.

So did her candid outburst to “Dry Battery” Dae-joo — she sums up her Poor Princess life to him quite succinctly. While she may be glamorous, rich, and pretty, the people who crowd around her have clear agendas. Basically they are leeches, and she knows that. After getting hurt a few times, she decides that adopting the whorish, social butterfly personae is a good defence as any against men out to make use of her.

Because she is so vulnerable beneath all the bluster, I really do hope Dae-joo will fall for her in the end. He is still holding her at arm’s length, partly cos he is wary of Director Sim’s machinations, and partly from his misunderstanding arising from Min-ik’s declaration of love for “Veronica Park”. It may well put a brake on the recent development between the two second OTP, which (hopefully) can clear up once Min-ik figures out that Gal-hee and “Veronica Park” are the same person.

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  1. Agreed. Favorite character. She reminds me of Gianna Gun physically and of Han Ye-Seul’s character in Couple or Trouble. I think the reason Veronica Park is not annoyingly abrasive right off the bat (even before we get to see her depths) is because she keeps her voice to a lower pitch (than we usually hear in this type of character)
    even when she’s being “screechy” or whining and when usng her Konglish (I think “Konglish” is the term Dramabeans uses for sprinkles of bad English).

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