What kooriyuki watched this week – Jun 12 – 19 2019

I’m keeping up with this weekly bite-sized recaps better than I thought! As usual I wish I have more time to watch even more dramas but I suppose 8 in a week is more than I can cope *gasp*

Investigation Couple 2: Ooooh serial murders always have my attention. I love how Show challenges pre-conceived ideas of certain crimes, and Beom’s (Jung Jae-young) deadpan request to his colleagues to stop writing novels. sab and I have some theories for the latest case (sab has eyes for details that I don’t T.T however we’re debunked in the even numbered episode) and I’m pretty sure it’ll be an overarching mystery related to the very mysterious Dr Jang Cheol (Noh Min Woo). Shady Prosecutor Gal is shady and he reminds me of Seo Dong-jae (Lee Joon Huk) in Forest of Secret (in the sense these guys think others do not know they’re shady), although he is nothing hilarious like Dong-jae was. And I resist any lovelines in this drama. Focus on the crimes please!

The Secret Life of My Secretary: Honestly I can’t care less about the main OTP. Sure, they have good rapport and complements each other but…they’re otherwise boring, especially when you have a role-reversing second OTP. I cannot emphasize enoug how much I love Kim Jae-kyung here as Veronica Park and I think she’s having a blast playing the character. There’re many times I think Koo Ja-sung is trying not to laugh as Veronica is trying to pounce on his character Dae-joo, and it’s always great to know that the artistes are having fun on the set. Anyway, we’re finally told the truth of what the Secretary Lee (Jang So-yeon) is doing, and while it’s noble and Robin Hood-esque of her, I thought it was rather anti-climatic after we were led to think someone’s out to kill Mi-ik (Kim Young Gwang).

Save Me 2: I wonder what is in store for us in the final 4 episodes, now that both Pastor Sung (Kim Young Min) and Min-cheol (Uhm Tae-goo) confronted Elder Choi (Chun Ho-jin). I wasn’t expecting the bomb that dropped at the end of Episode 12 because Pastor Sung and illegal (?) relationship with an underage doesn’t seem to mix! But I guess that kind of explains his aura of detachment from people. I’m waiting to see the fallout of the villagers when they learn of the scam.

Search: WWW: Words are insufficient to express the love I have for this drama – the story, the dialogue, the post-production, everything is lovely. Jang Ki-yong is winning in this. I just can’t stop chuckling at his marker drawing to cover up Ta-mi’s (Im Soo Jung) stocking holes. sab needs to believe that Mo-gun is just a cute puppy and nothing more! And that scene of Scarlet (Lee Da Hee) and Ka-kyung (Jeon Hye-jin) outside the restaurant? My TV was heating up with the tension.

One Spring Night: I’m only on Episode 3, but I already feel very bad for Ki-seok (Kim Joon Han). There’s a reason why most people don’t advocate dating for a long period of time, because people and things change and much as we all think the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper, it does to some extent, ground people to the legal commitment. I wouldn’t say Jung-in (Han Ji Min) strayed emotionally because obviously she didn’t feel the love for Ki-seok any more for quite some time. It is however inevitable she’s struggling to acknowledge her feelings for Ji-ho (Jung Hae In) because technically she’s still in a relationship. And I’m with Jae-in with this: the brother-in-law is a creep and I don’t like him either! The moment he tried to coerce Ki-seok into helping him get a loan approval I know this guy is more than trouble. I have to admit I’m watching this at accelerated playback speed because I only have that much time to watch dramas and hence may miss some of the subtlety.

Chief of Staff: I have to admit I’m confused, but in a good way. One thing to be sure, the veteran politicians here are mostly vile snakes save for one, and the younger ‘uns are scrambling to survive the choppy seas. I wasn’t expecting a secret relationship between our leads Lee Tae-joon (Lee Jung-jae) and Kang Sun-young (Shin Min-ah) but I’m sure that’s going to add on to the brewing political tension especially when they’re on different teams. Because of the secret relationship I was reminded of the drama All About My Romance, but I’m certain this will be of a way better quality and engaging story telling.

Nokdu Flower: The Japanese has invaded Gyeongbuk Palace, they’ve declared war with Qing China, and Yi-hyun (Yoon Shi Yoon) has decided to join the Japanese in the name of modernizing Joseon. My heart breaks for Yi-hyun during the latest two episodes and while this development didn’t come as a surprise it certainly wasn’t something I look forward to. I really love the production crew for this drama because they don’t shy away from violent scenes. The cast is fantastic too, for every emotional scene just felt so raw as if this is THE turbulent times Joseon went through more than a century ago.

Mother of Mine: I really like Mi-sun’s (Yoo Sun) in-laws, and I can’t wait for the MIL to berate the FIL for his “affair”. It’s of course nowhere near, but she’s definitely going to use it to justify her friendship with the (very dubious) pottery teacher. I’m also rooting for Tae-joo (Hong Jong-hyun) although I’m apprehensive of what will happen when he learns that Mi-ri (Kim So-yeon) is the birth daughter of his beloved aunt In-sook (Choi Myung-gil).

Arthdal Chronicles: Ya know, I slept for the entire of Episode 5 save the first and last 10 minutes, which is practically what you need to know from the entire 1h+ of story telling. It is THAT slow-moving. The end of Episode 5 had me LOL-ing and making comparison to the Save Me series because that’s exactly how cults operate. (I know, I laugh at the oddest things) Episode 6 has more conspiring between the two surviving leaders of Arthdal (I was surprised/sad Kim Eui Sang‘s part lasted only 4 episodes) against Tagon (Jang Dong-gun). And no surprise that Tanya (Kim Ji Won), Eun-seom (Song Jong-ki) and his twin (seems like it’s also played by Song) are the “secret weapons” that’ll destroy (?) the Arthdal alliance (I think). The only unexpected (or maybe I simply wasn’t paying attention) thing was Tagon is also an Igutu? Wow now that explains a lot of things.

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