Absolute Boyfriend: Finding a heart and losing one

It’s really hard not to fall in love with Young-goo. He is just this adorkable puppy whose sole purpose is to please you. And yet, as the narrative progresses, that AI in him has ascended his programmed learning ability — to the point where he no longer just wants to “please” his girlfriend, but also wants to receive the same amount of respect, affection from her. He reminds me much of the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz — he is pure, brave, and loyal …but he lacks the physical “attribute” that defines these qualities. Aka, a heart.

And like Mr Tin Man, he is on a quest to look for a “heart” from Da-da, not realising it is not the outward displays of reciprocation he should be looking for, but the more subtle signs. Signs that even Da-da is unaware of herself. While she still is in love with Wang-joon (after all, they have 7 years of history and their “breakup” is anything but clean), she is unable to see that she has quietly fallen in love with the robot in the house. That brief episode where Young-goon had to be apart from her to stay with Wang-joon, and she ends up sleeping with a lighted toy robot — it’s not only just “habitual reliance” on having Young-goo around, but she actually misses his presence. Not that she’d admit at that stage.

So…it’s only natural the narrative needs a larger scale MIA from Young-goo in order to kick sense into Da-da. No big surprise when Young-goo is “captured” by Diana, Da-da had to fight tooth and nail to get him back. It only takes a big enough separation (with the possibility of being separated forever) to make Da-da realise where her new loyalty lies.

The same can be said for Wang-joon. While Young-goo is busy “gaining” a heart, Wang-joon’s position as THE Boyfriend is slowly getting eroded. And I can’t say I feel sorry for him. After all, he did the stupidest thing ever — by assuming that keeping quiet about the threats and initiating a “separation” is the best way to “protect” his girlfriend. Whoever feels they can solve a relationship problem singlehandedly (when relationship already means MORE than 1 person) is doomed to failure.

A classic “told you so”, when his plan backfired, and he sees Da-da getting “snatched” like hot property by a just as hot guy. (panic much) Subsequent attempts to U-turn their relationship (even with a delayed proposal) only shows his arrogance and lack of understanding of his “girlfriend”. Unsurprising, since he had always been at the receiving end, while Da-da has been the one perpetually giving.

So it’s not a shock (to us) when Da-da rejects him flat out. After all, the girl has recently been on the full-receiving end herself, and as someone who has been a giver, she understands what it must mean to Young-goo.

Unfortunately, as I said in my earlier post, a robot…is still a robot. So while the pull-push between Wang-joon and Da-da is hard to watch, it is a learning experience for both of them in the long run. Cos…the relationship between Young-goo and Da-da, while sweet, is not meant to last.

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