Final Review: The Secret Life of My Secretary

In a nutshell — if it hasn’t been for Ms Veronica Park and her antics, I’d have dropped Secret long time ago. The pacing is very slow — the OTP love line was a long drawn series of push-pulls; with one dithering male lead who really isn’t very sure of what (or who) he wants. Ironically, when he learns that both persons whom he is in love with are actually the same girl — he drags it out even further. I’d have considered that a good solution to a tricky problem.

So with the OTP so (yawn) boring, and the corporate takeover with Uncle Sim so (yawn) annoying, someone else gets to steal the limelight. Veronica Park as the second female lead is not only zero threat to the OTP, but she ends up being one hell of a good sister-friend to the very confused and very scared Gal-hee. When Gal-hee falters, Veronica is there to be her cheerleader. And when Gal-hee goes into a slump (following a “breakup”), Veronica is there again (with her black card) to perk her up.

Her romance with second male lead, Dae-joo (who imo is pretty stone-faced for most of the show), is a hoot to watch. Like water dripping on stone, she successfully erodes that poker face until Dae-joo also started spouting her trademark “Awesome!” at ep16. 😛 (you go, girl!)

Unfortunately, Veronica’s precious screen time had to compete with other elements of the story — such as the snail-paced romantic development of the OTP, the (omg) ridiculous Uncle Shim and his silly take-over plots, and the (wtf) “BIG” secret the secretaries are harbouring. If you ask me, I’d rather Secret changes the leads and let me see more of Miss Park’s “awwwwwesome-ness”. [kooriyuki: I totally second this. Miss Park needs her own spin off.]

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  1. Started watching this yesterday because of positive reviews but am finding that, after 4 eps, it’s rather boring and the female lead rather stupid. How can she NOT be suspicious when the driver is wearing a mask and cap AND carrying a box cutter in the dark? Like, seriously???? With your review I’m glad of an excuse to drop this; thanks for saving me from wasting more time since it doesn’t seem it will get better.

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