First Impression: Watcher

Not too sure if I am continuing this one, the pacing is a bit slow for ep1, but the storyline has a quite a bit of potential.

Main cast:

  • Han Suk-kyu (from Romantic Dr, Teacher Kim) as Chief of Internal Affairs, Do Chi-kwang. He arrested Young-gun‘s dad on murder charge in his past as a homicide detective, but now leads a task force to handle the corruption inherent in the police force.
  • Seo Kang-joon (from Are You Human) as Traffic cop, Kim Young-gun. Imo, his talents are wasted working as a traffic cop. He possesses good intuition and strong observation skills.
  • Kim Hyun-joo as Lawyer Han Tae-joo. We don’t know much about her from ep1, other than she used to work as a prosecutor and has now quit to become a lawyer.


A young Young-gun stares blankly in shock at the police station, as the officers gently ask if “his dad did it”…

In the present, Young-gun the traffic cop notices a suspicious looking driver who nearly ran down pedestrians in his haste. The driver, Sun Byung-gil, has a gunshot (?) wound on his right waist. He attacks Young-gun with a screw driver in a bid to escape. Young-gun gives chase and Sun grabs a little girl and holds her hostage.

Young-gun radios for backup and the homicide team (with Team Leader Jang and sidekick Kim Kang-wook) responds. However, the duo appears to be already chasing Sun for some reasons. And yes, once Team Leader Jang and Kang-wook get some alone time with Sun, their response is to kill him. Luckily, Young-gun senses something amiss — he notices the “hostage” was actually Sun’s daughter, and manages to stop Jang and Kang-wook in time. But the duo turned around and blamed him for “injuring” Sun.

Chi-kwang intervenes to bring Young-gun away from the interrogation room — he had been investigating the Homicide team for some reasons. Tae-joo too, gets assigned to be Sun’s lawyer, and according to her, Sun is claiming that the police forced him to kidnap his boss’ son…


This is the season for politics and corruption — most used themes in Kdrama especially in police procedurals. Nothing new here, except we have a team that is like a military police within the police force looking into the black hats.

Based on the show’s blurb, Chi-kwang, Young-gun and Tae-joo are all involved in Young-gun dad’s arrest. We are not sure if he was framed, or he was made to commit the crime (and the victim was Young-gun’s mum?) much like Sun in the present day. But for sure, the same company — CH Construction — which is linked to money laundering, etc would be involved. Cos like all run of the mill corruption-bust dramas, the Big Bad would be named early on for the viewers to “paint” a figurative target on.

While the theme is nothing new, one thing that MAY entice me to continue watching is the character development. Young-gun is this hotheaded (and rather rude) newbie, with huge potential to become a good detective later on (if he manages to curb his temper). Chi-kwang is the veteran, who never gives away any clue on what he is thinking with his curt orders and poker face. And then we have Tae-joo, who appears to be the only person who can unsettle Chi-kwang. Unlike the two rough and scruffy men, Tae-joo is one ice lady. If the blurb is correct, then Tae-joo has a spine of steel too. Cos she apparently has survived attacks on her life during Young-gun dad’s case.

4 thoughts on “First Impression: Watcher

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  1. I liked the first episode well enough for me to go “I need to watch the next one”. However, I didn’t particularly like the second episode until the last few minutes. It felt distracted by its own story i.e. a range of prolonged distractions or incidents past and present that rather undermined the story rather than adding to it. Perhaps that’s too deep for a Monday night 😂

    Anyway, it’s a tie at one episode all. I will now have to make my mind by the end of episode 3.

    1. I think the switch between past and present was to establish the groundwork that history is repeating itself, and our three leads suffered at the hands of a single bigger force that they’ll work together to nab. sab hasn’t caught the second episode so I’m not if she’ll continue, but I’m definitely catching this =D Not going to say no to Han Seok-kyu and Kim Nam-joo hehe.

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