Class of Lies – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

The opening was harrowing, as we see a high school girl being assaulted and stabbed. The scene then cuts to a law firm, which introduces us to our protagonist Ki Moo-hyuk (Yoon Kyun Sang), a glib-tongued lawyer who doesn’t bat an eyelid at lying his way through to win a case for his client, which naturally makes him an enemy among his peers.

He belatedly realised he was entrapped by his boss to defend the suspect of the attempted murder of the girl in the opening scene, and the case is more mysterious than it seems. The suspect claims he is the girl’s classmate and boyfriend and he was framed, but when Moo-hyuk exposed during trial the fact the girl was engaging in illegal prostitution, the suspect went hysterical and shouted that he’s the murderer. Things turn even stranger when the girl succumbed to her injuries and passed away, and the suspect attempted suicide after a visit from a mysterious person in jail.

Moo-hyuk was then fired by his boss, and he decides to go undercover at the high school in question as a temporary teacher. He gets assigned to the suspect’s homeroom and begins his investigation of the students.

To Watch or Not

Like most other social commentary dramas these days, Show deals with teenage prostitution and the people involved are always the rich and powerful and will not think twice murdering those who they deem as underneath them. The school, Chun-myeong High School caters mostly to the children of the rich, so the biggest question here is how many of the students are actually poorer and most likely on scholarship, and are they all bullied by their rich classmate? It is evident bullying is rampant and the kids have no qualms bullying at all. I have no idea what kind of shitty school is this.

Most of the teachers in the school are either nonchalant about the death of their charge, or afraid to do anything. The principal (?) treats education as a business, and openly power harass the teachers. I hope Moo-hyuk (he goes by the name Kan-jae as a temporary teacher) teaches the principal a lesson and she deserves to be barred from being an educator.

I’m surprised to see Jun (or Lee Joon-young of U-Kiss) playing a high school student again, and his role Yoo Beom-jin is rather enigmatic for now. He’s one of the privileged kids and too smart for his age, and while he doesn’t discourage his friends from engaging in bullying, he doesn’t participate either. I’m curious to see whether he’ll be a foe or ally to Moo-hyuk. A clear ally is colleague Ha So-hyun (Geum Sae-rok), who was first seen visiting the police investigators even after they claimed the investigation of the attempted murder is wrapped up. She insists that her student is not the murderer, but we have not seen her talk about the case after Moo-hyuk joins the school.

I’ll definitely be tuning in to Show weekly.

4 thoughts on “Class of Lies – First Impression

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  1. I enjoyed the first episodes very much. Yoon Kyun Sang is playing an excellent part and it’s good to see another side to his acting. I’m looking forward to how our hero uses his cleverness for the right reasons including dealing with certain students, section heads and the school patriarch.

    As far as bullying between the students is concerned, the trend seems to be that teachers in a number of “enlightened” countries (including my own) are less equipped in today’s world to deal with it for a number of reasons. In fact, there are a system of schools where I am that cater for bullied and fragile kids. They are brilliant – very caring, class sizes of 15/16 students and each child has a dedicated chaplain to help teach them how to deal with life’s challenges.

    Roll on the next episode 😊

    1. Also, I think parents are not helping either, which is also why we are seeing more problematic kids, methinks.
      I hope Show addresses the issue of treating education as a business; it’s very disturbing.

      1. I was going to mention the parent issue. There are clear studies and books coming out now on parent behaviour. So, it’s no longer just distraught families on the receiving end making comment on how they have been impacted or commentary on blogs or observed behaviour by the media.

        It will be interesting to see if Show does address education as business. Certainly at the tertiary level here it is criticised regularly. There is some of that happening at the secondary level as some schools can raise funds through doing this. However, on the flip side, we have diversified in this space by a number of schools providing a clear entry point re trades eg electrical, plumbing, gas and so on – that’s the positive side (a number of years ago I was working together with a principal, tertiary institutions, politicians and the government of the day to try and establish a flying school that went from K1 – K13 and beyond. It would have been something special).

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