Justice – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

Lee Tae Kyung (Choi Jin Hyuk) is a lawyer who specifically defends the rich and powerful, which makes him appear corrupted as well. His clients are mostly referred from Song Woo Yong (Sohn Hyun Joo), an enigmatic broker (?) who works for the rich and powerful. Song is himself, a person of power as well it seems, since it is only logical that he holds onto enough knowledge of those who engaged his service, to blackmail them, making him a person to be feared.

The main thread of story seems to be the mystery of Tae Kyung’s younger brother’s death, and it should not be a surprise that Song is implicated in it. By the end of Episode 2, Tae Kyung is trapped in the dilemma of defending a man who’s potentially his brother’s murderer (albeit a hired hitman). This man was aquitted of the murder of a small-time actress several years back, and it is hinted that Tae Kyung’s brother was killed as he was possibly the sole witness to the murder. In another story thread, there were several mysterious disappearance of actresses who belong to the same company (Jang Ja Yeon and colleagues, anyone?), which I believe will be what Tae Kyung and Prosecutor Seo Yoon-ah (Nana) will investigate as the story unfolds.

To Watch or Not

Again, I will not say no to Sohn Hyun Joo to grace my screen, whether he’s playing a good or bad guy. And Show feels like an OCN drama, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching this (fingers crossed). I do wonder if dramas of this genre has saturated the market, especially since this is the Nth drama of this year that depicts the rich and powerful abusing females. South Korea certainly seems like a terrible place to live in especially for females.

That aside, storywise it is engaging so far and the acting is more than decent. Nana has improved since her debut (I think) in The Good Wife, and she is holding her grounds well against both the male leads. I hope we can see more of her in the future episodes.

One thought on “Justice – First Impression

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  1. Nana is very good, but Justice will be a pass for me as I am over this type of theme (plus I need to trim down my watch list or at least not let it blow out any further like I have).

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