What kooriyuki watched this week – Jul 25 – Aug 1 2019

Wasn’t it just like, yesterday, when we were gasping at the sheer number of new dramas starting in July and here we are, it is August! Most dramas are at their half-way mark, while we bid adieu to others.

Investigation Couple 2: Season 3, anyone? I wasn’t expecting MBC to be game enough to make this a multiple-season drama, and they’re actually the ones who got it correct! Unlike the other dramas that were bought over by Netflix, deliberately chopped into seasons which did not make any sense to the flow of the story. I’ll be counting down to the days Season 3 comes. In the mean time, if you have not watched even Season 1, please do yourself a favor and watch it (unless you’re not a procedural/forensic fan). That’s all I have to say (coz I’m already dying of anticipation).

Designated Survivor – 60 Days: Only had time to watch Episode 9, which kind of felt like a filler since it’s about a non-existent scandal regarding Moo-jin (Ji Jin-hee) and his wife. Luckily our anti-terror agents are still working hard trying to find out who’s behind the bombing, and we have 1 interesting revelation (albeit not unexpected) at the end of the episode. And I’m totally not surprised that Moo-jin is silently changing the Blue House staff’s mentality regarding running a country.

Search: WWW: I’m wondering if people actually got sidelined by the awesome workplace dynamics at Barro and forgot this is a romance drama? I still remember the promotional materials mentioning about Jang Ki-young‘s character despite being the only guy among the group of 4 leads, is the most romantic of them all. Thus, I find Show true to its words and don’t have much complaints (maybe except Barro is just too damn unrealistic as a workplace). And, Scarlet (Lee Da Hee) is totally giving Veronia Park (Kim Jae-kyung) a run for her money as the most memorable supporting (?) character this year.

Rookie Historian Gu Hae-ryung: I love this! Although Hae-ryung (Shin Se-kyung) is too spunky to be true in Joseon sense, it’s interesting to see how she puts the men in their places. Sadly, she can’t put the women in their places (court ladies are downright scary) but it’s okay because we have Woo-won (Lee Ji Hoon) to the rescue! I just hope he doesn’t have to rescue these rookie female historians too much. And I’m fervently praying for the Crown Prince to remain sane and kind.

Justice: I’m beginning to feel Show is being suspenseful for the sake of, which is a dangerous sign in drama watching. If I were to prioritise what to watch from the Wednesday-Thursday slots, Show is ranked last. Of course I want to know who is the big bad behind CEO Song (Sohn Hyun Joo) and who is that crazy person who’s ordering hits on small-time actresses, but can the suspense last 16 episodes?

Class of Lies: Show is a onion. And one with a rotten core at that. The more we see of this school, more filth gets exposed, from the management to the students. This is kind of like SKY Castle, school version. But I love it. I love that Moo-hyuk (Yoon Kyun Sang) is above all that shit and is not afraid of repaying back multiples of what he’s got. The students ought to be taught a lesson, although I’m not sure how long will they remember their punishment?

Doctor Detective: It is not Show is uninteresting, but it’s just not one of the top priorities for me. Between lousy schools, shady business dealings, unexplained murders and terrible working conditions, South Korea certainly seems to be a bleak place to live in, at least in dramaland. Using an employee’s head as a “golf stand” and a cream puff as “golf ball”, the boss of the bakery in last week’s episodes has got to be one of the most ridiculous boss ever?

Love Affairs in the Afternoon: We’re getting into the angst, which means I’m putting off watching this (and I’m watching this at 2x speed). While I don’t endorse affairs, I think it’s always complicated when it comes to human feelings and it’s not something outsiders should comment about lightly. I’m more interested in knowing how much chaos will Jung Woo’s (Lee Sang Yeob) wife cause when she knows of his affair with her high-school friend aka Ji Eun (Park Ha Sun).

Watcher: How long did Young-gun’s Dad lasted outside the prison? I was hoping he’d last longer but alas. This is the last we’ll see of Dad. So who’s the bad guy? My Dad’s bet is now on Deputy Chief (Joo Jin Mo) and I wouldn’t be surprised if he really is the one. I’m reluctant to believe Do Chi Kwang (Han Seok-kyu) is bad not because I’m biased, but it seemed too simplistic to have him as the baddie. I’ll accept he’s gray and nothing more than that.

Dr John: Show is starting to fall into the medical drama routine, which felt a bit boring after that over-the-top story development in the prison. This week, we get to learn the real reason behind Shi Young’s (Lee Se Young) trauma, which is why her sister despises so much. It is hopeful to see another young doctor (grudgingly) admit that Yo-han (Ji Sung) teaches him what other doctors cannot, but it is equally hair-tearing to see the antagonists going around insisting Yo-han is a murderer. Gah.

Hotel Del Luna: To quote a colleague: “This drama has STORY!” Indeed. As Show progresses, we are fed tidbits of Man-wol’s (Lee Ji-eun) past and I love that “guess which reincarnate Chan-sung (Yeo Jin Goo) is” is not the major plot point. The other highlights of Show are the numerous cameos and parodies (“The Woman Who Became Queen” pfft). Weekends now are never boring because of Show.

Forensic Doctor Asagao: How did I manage 13 dramas in a week? I have no idea (and I admit I don’t have a life outside work and KDramas and a few other things =D) But I did and I’m glad I started on this. Ueno Juri does no wrong and she’s lovely as the titular character Asagao. The episodic cases are simple compared to let’s say, Investigation Couple, but Show has a lot of heart. Both Asagao and her Dad are still grappling with the loss of Mom to the 311 Earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Mom hasn’t been found dead or alive, and it’s something that’s rarely talked about between Asagao and Dad but they both felt guilty towards the tragedy. Highly recommended.

Gisou Furin (Fake Affair): I can’t stop curling my toes in Episode 1 and burst out laughing every 10 minutes or so because of the second hand embarassment. Anne is absolutely lovable as the quirky Shoko, who finds herself in a ridiculous situation pretending she’s married and having an affair with a cute guy 7 years her junior. Nakama Yukie plays Shoko’s prim and proper older sister Yoko, and she’s the one who’s really having an affair despite being happily (?) married. Show is my lunch break drama =D

4 thoughts on “What kooriyuki watched this week – Jul 25 – Aug 1 2019

Add yours

  1. Well done with all the dramas!

    Investigation Couple – Yes
    Designated Survivor – It hurts me to say it, but I dropped it, as I did with the original too 😱
    Search WWW – I tried yet again, but to no avail
    Rookie – Sigh
    Class of Lies – Tanked for me, so dropped it
    Watcher – Continues to be my cup of tea
    Dr John – subject matter is very topical over here. Each state is starting to roll out euthanasia laws
    Hotel – Fabbo
    Forensic – Sounds interesting

    So, my watch list is down to 23.

      1. Yes, I will look at Forensic Doctor! I like Detective Doctor too – I was only so so about the start, but after that, it gathers some momentum. In some ways it is an odd blend of humour and serious issues.

        I am catching up on Mother of Mine. I like it better than I thought I would. I’m undecided about Golden Garden – it’s gone a bit Makjang! (It doesn’t need it). Then for good measure I’m watching the latest version of Justice Bao (Hong Kong) – what a delightful throw back to the 1980s style HK dramas. It’s a real hoot and doesn’t even pretend to hide it.

        As for how I manage to watch the number of dramas I do, well it just seems to happen. Time management has always been a strong suit. One tip – Work one minute from home or where you are based. I have managed to do that for the last 17 years. That’s a lot of viewing time that becomes available 😂

      2. I have been KIVing Mother of Mine; some plot lines are more interesting than others, and that’s all I have to say lol.
        Not going to watch Golden Garden despite of my love for Lee Sang Woo; needa prioritise my drama watching.
        Regarding your tip, I’d prolly have to sleep in my lab then! LOL

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