What kooriyuki watched this week – Aug 16-22 2019

Designated Survivor – 60 Days: Episode 16 doesn’t seem like the end of Show. I admit I was dozing off and the last 2 episodes need a rewatch. That said, Show was decent although I really felt the tension wearing off in the second half of the series, so much so that my attention is drifting away in the middle of each episode. I do like the social commentary aspects, such as the episode about the Discrimation Act (because Korean society is pretty backwards about this), but…that’s about it.

Let Me Hear Your Song: Ack! Why is Joo Wan (Song Jae Rim) standing over Jang Yoon’s (Yeon Woo Jin) kid brother when he died? And why did Yi-young (Kim Se Jung) narrated this is not a love story but it’s slowly becoming like one? Why so many questions and no answers (yet, hopefully) to this drama?

Rookie Historian Gu Hae-ryung: We often have modern day dramas that basically transplanted sageuk politics and what not, but this drama is doing the opposite and the result is delightful. There’re plenty of characters we can actually root for and empathise with despite the period settings, and it is pretty apparent the writer knows exactly how to tell the story. I love that we get to see another side of the otherwise irrational King but then again I dread learning the truth behind his feud with the Queen Dowager, when the time comes.

Class of Lies: It may seem too obvious if Beom-jin (Lee Joon Young) is really Soo-ah’s killer and I find it too much of a stretch that he’s all-knowing. Even so, I like how twisted Show is painting these rich kids and their parents to be. Show is yet another social commentary about Korea’s rich and their ridiculous ways.

Be Melodramatic: This is such a gem of a drama. While I don’t cry along with the characters, I certainly feel their pain and I laugh along with them when they laugh. The dialogues are pure gold and I can’t wait for new episodes.

Dr John: I find my patience wearing thin with this drama. Somehow I’m not convinced by the loveline between Yo-han (Ji Sung) and Shi Young (Lee Se Young) either. Throw in crazy Nurse Chae (Shin Dong Mi) and perhaps not-so-crazy-and-maybe-dying-soon Prosecutor Son (Lee Kyu Hyung) to the mix, just makes me throw my hands up in frustration. The cases of the week are barely holding my attention despite being rare medical cases and I love clinical pathology. And Lee Kyu Hyung is underutilized here! *angry*

Watcher: We’re one step closer to the Jangsa-hoe and Young-gun (Seo Kang Joon) finally recalls correctly who killed his mother. But before that, we have a series of cat-and-mouse chase with Han Joo’s (Kim Hyun Joo) ex-husband Yoon Ji-hoon (Park Hoon). Ji-hoon turns out to be a drug addict after the divorce and has his own agenda. I’m amused that in the beginning of Show some answers were already revealed, but as we go along we were blinded by several red herrings and now we’re told again what we should have realised long time ago…or not?

Hotel Del Luna: Ooh the revelation of Chung Myung (Lee Do Hyun) being a firefly is rather unexpected. And that’s one long living firefly. I like that the rules in this world are fixed and not made up on the fly and I cannot emphasize enough I think this is the Hong sisters’ best drama to date (please don’t let me down). It is a fantastic choice to cast Lee David as the creepy psychopath who’s now the evil spirit Man-wol (Lee Ji Eun) and the grim reaper have to catch. I was expecting Lee David to play some goofy roles like he always did but it’s great to see him in a darker role.

Forensic Doctor Asagao: Asagao (Ueno Juri) is now a mother of a toddler, and she has also been promoted to a full-fledged forensic pathologist. The case of this week is pretty sad, as the young sisters tried to cover up the truth behind the death of their parents. The cases in Show are never mind-twisty but rather always serve as some anecdotes to familial relationships. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but if you’re those who only want the mystery, this is not a drama for you.

Little Forest: I love this variety although I’m not a kids person. Lee Seo Jin‘s transformation from a grumpy ahjusshi to a gentle babysitter is giggle-worthy. Despite none of the cast (Lee Seung-gi, Park Na-rae and Jung So Min) being married nor have kids, they’re handling the five 3 to 6 years old children pretty well. It’s a good program to drive away the start-of-the-week blues.

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  1. For me the find of the fortnight is Graceful Family. So many of my favourite actors are in it and it is off to a cracking start.

    Yes, re Dr John, sadly.

    I closed out Watcher and was happy where it ended up. It does hint at a second season, but who knows.

    I might get to Be Melodramatic one day. Just reluctant after the way Search turned out.

    I’m still rolling along with Hotel Del Luna. There are times where the fairytale elements really do the story justice.

    Little Forrest sounds okay. Always good to see the transformation of those who are grumpy to those that have endearing qualities.

    Doctor Detective is worth a look. The early episodes are so so, but then it hits its straps because they are using actual stories of the most outrageous unsafe work practices in SK. At the end of each episodes or so, people are interviewed about what actually happened and how some of them eventually triumphed over the big corporations – be prepared and have a box of tissues handy.

    1. Be Melo is nothing like Search! It’s more down to earth and relatable, whereas Search is way too glamorous for normal people.
      I’m a little skeptical about Graceful Family because it sounds so makjang lol
      I’ll get back to Doctor Detective and Justice actually, one day.

      1. Okey dokey re Melo.

        Graceful (Elegant) Family – no it’s not makjang (knowing my luck though after saying this, it suddenly goes crazy). It’s rather well paced and a refreshing take on the corporate coverup re family bad behaviour.

      2. Yeah, do give Melo a try. My Dad enjoys it!

        hmmm. Then I’ll prolly give Graceful Family a try. I need to watch Bae Jong Ok in a better role (she hardly appears in 60 Days).

      3. I will re Melo.

        Bae Jong Ok totally owns Graceful Family – you won’t be disappointed.

        I had a quick look at Little Forrest. It’s very good. I like the way they have gone about pulling the show together. I have been involved in providing child care facilities to communities over a long period of time including helping a local provider where I am now

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