The Great Show – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

The story begins 3 years ago, when Wi Dae-han (Song Seung-hoon) is campaigning for his second term in the Congress. His opponent is veteran Congressman Kang (Son Byung Ho), whose public image is that of an understanding and kind gentleman. A flashback tells us it is not, when a younger Dae-han (special appearance by Lee Do-hyun, everybody’s my favorite firefly) tried to plead with Kang to not evict his mother from their family run restaurant, to no avail. Kang’s subtle hostility has much to do with Dae-han’s results being better than his son’s, Joon Ho (adult counterpart played by Im Joo Hwan) who eventually became a lawyer.

A week before voting, Dae-han was informed of his estranged father’s death. A footage was then leaked, of Dae-han ignoring his father during one of the public walkarounds. Dae-han eventually loses the election as his reputation was smeared (“unfilial b*stard!”). Fast forward three years to 2019, Dae-han is pretty much down and out and when he thought things can’t get any worse, 4 (FOUR!) kids appear at his doorstep, with the eldest girl claiming to be his biological daughter.

To Watch or Not

I’m not fan of Song Seung-hun but I admit finding him better in comedic roles than serious ones. Also, I’ve been waiting for Show’s premiere because it sounds like an absolute hoot from the get-go.

I’m not convinced Dae-han’s Dad committed suicide and was found 1 week after his death, and that 1 week was exactly a week before elections. The timing is too fishy, and that leaked video? Definitely fishy. I hope this is just me reading too much into things no thanks to the recent overload of political dramas, but I hope I’m right on this! We need some stakes raised!

That said, I can’t wait for the “familial” hijinks to begin, especially when we’re not sure if Da-jung (Noh Jung Ui) is really his daughter, and also the other three kids are not biologically related to her (if I’m not wrong). And throw Dae-han’s junior from school Soo-hyun (Lee Seon-bin), who most likely still has a crush on him, into the mix? Dae-han’s life is going to be more topsy-turvy than he’d dreamed. What I like about Dae-han is he is shrewd but he genuinely wants to do good (I think), and his quick thinking saved his life (and hopefully eventually his reputation) many times. Da-jung has shown herself to be as shrewd as Dae-han is, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re really father and daughter.

I’m not too keen on the love triangle of Dae-han, Soo-hyun and Joon-ho though. Just give me the single Dad and 4 kids hijinks!

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  1. I’m enjoying this! And I am a long-time Song Seung-heon admirer (just don’t give him any scenes that make his rivals bulge out. lol)

    FYI – show did say that the two eldest siblings are not blood related but both are blood related (half) to the two younger kids.

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