When the Devil Calls Your Name: Balance between Light and Dark

It comes as no surprise if there’s a Devil in the show, there should be an Angel somewhere too. I had my suspicions of Boss Kong (played by Kim Won-hae) way back when he appeared too fast in front of Yi-kyung when an intruder attempted to break into his cafe. The first thought that went through my mind was either he WAS that the intruder (too much of OCN), or he literally flew there. Given that we saw he was still at home in bed, when Yi-kyung sent out her distress call, it turns out to be the latter.

And well…development in Devil cemented Boss Kong’s Angel status for us not long after. He appears to know about Ha Rib/ Dong-cheon’s past, and his pact with Mr Devil-Mo and of cos, that rescue of the little boy…it’s the final stamp of surety. It’s interesting that unlike the flashy Devil, Mr Angel prefers instead to keep a low profile. That cafe of his…I’d won’t exactly say it’s booming business, but it’s kinda quietly thriving. And unlike Mr Devil-Mo, Boss Kong isn’t exactly promoting his “services”. No ex-CIAesqe follower, no throng of adoring fans, no string of wannabes who come knocking on his door to get him to grant them wishes to become rich, famous, pretty, etcetc. Maybe it’s cos he doesn’t do “business” like Mr Devil-Mo, but prefers to mainly stand in the shadows (haha, the irony), only helping when he is needed.

Given that both entities are different sides of the same coin, they also know each other. And…is Mr Devil-Mo actually a little concerned about the Angel’s gradual appearance? Maybe it’d hurt his business. But…tbh, I feel Boss Kong need not concern himself with Mr Devil-Mo. The latter is already struggling to make sense of this new “sensation” that comes after devouring the real Tae-kang’s soul.

Those scenes with CEO Ji…are hilarious. Even when Mr Devil-Mo even introduces himself as a Devil…CEO Ji continues to flutter her eyelashes at him. (we have one brave or stupid girl here) And it’s not like her attraction is unreciprocated. Like Section Chief Kang guesses, even though Tae-kang’s soul is gone, Tae-kang’s body and memories remain. And these eventually affect the new occupant — aka Mr Devil-Mo.

Potential romantic dalliances aside, I also feel that there is a profound sadness around our Devil-Angel pair. Even though our resident Mr Devil-Mo is supposedly on the side of evil, helping to twist and corrupt minds…we realise he has his work cut out for him already. The humans around him, they don’t even NEED his prompting to perform evil deeds (re: that psycho law student who massacred his entire family). He is right to say he has never lifted a finger to actually GOAD a human to commit evil, or to exchange their souls for material gains. They commit those deeds and came to him willingly.

Likewise, Boss Kong (aka the Resident Angel), finds it harder and harder to redeem souls…cos it appears as if nobody wants redemption in the form of delayed gratification. Everyone just wants things to happen now. Just like Ha Rib/ Dong-cheon. If he had not sunk into despair and forgot about the young girl he has saved and possibly nurtured, he won’t have blindly sold his soul to Mr Devil-Mo…only to regret it years later. And here he is, repeating his mistake again…by attempting to sell off Yi-kyung’s soul in exchange for a lifetime of luxury and continued fortune, without even considering the implications of his actions. Only to regret it later when he realises Yi-kyung (and his past) cannot be wiped away so simply. (sigh)

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