What kooriyuki watched this week – Aug 23-30 2019

It’s the time again to bid goodbye to ongoing dramas and say hello to new ones, since a good number of them started airing at the same time several weeks back. I’m lagging behind a few ongoing dramas, expanding the never-ending list of “To Be Continued”.

The Great Show: I love this Show. Song Seung Hun should forget about doing melo roles and go for silly-yet-sincere roles from now on. He’s nailing it as Wi Dae-han, the once famous assemblyman but now is struggling to make ends meet. The four kids couldn’t have shown up at a better time. I’m not surprised he’ll take them back in, not because he has ulterior motive but Dae-han is not a bad person at the core.

Rookie Historian Gu Hae-ryung: Show is really a modern story transplanted to the period settings, which makes it extra interesting. I like that despite the King being unreasonable, his sons do the right things for the country, on his behalf (without his approval). I wasn’t expecting there’s a birth secret to Hae-ryung (Shin Se-kyung) but I’m glad it’s nothing makjang like, she’s actually her oppa’s daughter. It is likely however, that the King ordered the death of her biological father, so it’s still kinda makjang after all.

Class of Lies: I think no one is surprised at Beom-jin (Lee Joon Young) being the real murderer although I thought it’s really unrealistic to make him all-knowing. But it’s scary actually, to see how he is pretty much the result of immense stress to do well and be acknowledged.

Be Melodramatic: I love the quotes at the end of each episodes, which were selected from dialogues that transpired. Every line in this drama is well-thought and meaningful. The characters are everyday people and their struggles with life and work are what all of us go through. Lowkey as it may be, Show is worth every minute of its airtime.

Dr John: Honestly Show would have been much better without the meddlesome trio (journalist, nurse and prosecutor). I’m still holding out hope that Prosecutor Son (Lee Kyu Hyung) will see where he went wrong three years ago, especially since he had firsthand interaction with those who’d worked with Yo-han (Ji Sung) and witnessed personally what happened to the actress and her young son, and how Yo-han tried to help them.

Watcher: Season 2! I’m amused at the shock netizens expressed over the revelation of Jang Hae-ryong being the villain, because I’ve never stopped suspecting him. Now that the “pioneers” of Jangsa-hwi are dead, I wouldn’t be surprised if the real mastermind is Chi-kwang (Han Seok-kyu), if there ever is a season 2. Although twisty, somehow Show never really lured me like Forest of Secrets did. It is still very enjoyable though.

Hotel Del Luna: And I weep for Mr Firefly. His guilt made him unable to reincarnate and he willed himself to become a firefly and stay around Man-wol (Lee Ji-eun) for a thousand years. I don’t have a second lead syndrome for him though although I do feel sorry. On another note, what I really appreciate about Show is loose ends are tied and the writers stay true to the story they want to tell.

Forensic Doctor Asagao: Despite Show being a case-a-week drama, the story is essentially about Asago’s (Ueno Juri) and her father’s quest to find her missing mother, last seen before the 3/11 Tohoku Earthquake. The main theme is about families, and we have some episodic cases that are about familial relations as well.

Gisou Furin: Oi Show! Why are you going down that same Korean drama trope from 10 years ago? It’s getting annoying and I’m sticking around only for Yoko’s (Nakama Yukie) resolution with her husband Kenji (Tanihara Shosuke) and young lover Fuuta (Seto Toshiki). The revelation of Kenji’s reason for marrying her makes all his kind and understanding gestures towards her and her parents extra creepy. *shudders*

Little Forest: The kids are absolutely adorable (this coming from someone who doesn’t like kids)! Not only the kids benefit from having intimate experiences with nature, the adult cast learn a lot from the kids as well. This is a really good program to unwind to at the end of a long working day.

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