First Impression: Little Forest

As a mum to an over active toddler myself, I appreciate how BIG open spaces and nature are to a kid. Children between the ages of 3 and 6 are pretty much like dogs… both love to run and appear to have boundless energy, collapsing only when really tired, and they are up again after a short (but fulfilling) recharge.

So when Little Forest shows off its space for its “eco-friendly” childcare centre concept…I was literally…mindblown. My first thought was “omg, I need to go there. The LO (Little One) would LOVE this place!” And it’s true. I don’t think you need to be a child to appreciate nature and what large, airy spaces, loads of greenery, fresh food, clean air and crystal clear water can do to your body and soul. Cos that’s what Little Forest provides for its little guests. (ENVIOUS)

Just ogling and daydreaming about spending time in such a lovely place is enough to get me hooked to watching Forest. The “extras” — aka Lee Seo-jin, Jung So-min, Park Na-rae and Lee Seung-gi — well, they are ok. Fine, tbf to them, they put in quite a bit of effort to take part in this variety show to become part time child minders. We are already familiar with Seo-jinnie’s gruff exterior/ marshmellow interior, and Seung-gi’s ever-earnestness and over-promise (and underdeliver) characteristics, but the other 2 female artistes are little bit more new to the variety scene.

We have seen quite a fair bit of Jung So-min in Kdramas in the recent years — playing the doe-eyed female lead to aloof male lead types. Park Na-rae, who is touted as being a good friend of Seo-jinnie, not so. (maybe she is a familiar face in Korea slapstick variety…given her ability to drop all sense of decorum in front of the camera).

Anyway, So-min has my maternal approval, at the way she handles babies and children. Despite looking very pretty, this young girl has quite the strong maternal instinct. When she was first introduced as one of the celebrities on Little Forest project, Na PD chose to use her house as the meeting place. And she was there with her baby nephew. The way she carried the baby, and how she treated him — I can only say: the kids are safe with her.

Na-rae though, professes a fear of children. Not that she dislikes them, she doesn’t know WHAT to do with them. Other than playing the role of an yi-mu (i.e. Auntie) who plays rough with them. Out of the 4, she is the only one who did not make an effort to obtain a professional cert on child psychology, or whatnot. (even gruff Seo-jinnie, who was volunteered as being Head Chef, owing to his 3 Meals a Day “experience”, went to take a healthy-meals prep cert)

But, I’m not judging.

Cos no one certified ME to be a parent either. When it comes to taking care of children, parenting, etc….besides having a basic common sense, all of us parents tend to muddle along and try our best to learn from mistakes, isn’t it?

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