First Impression – Vagabond


Cha Dal-gon (Lee Seung-gi) is an stuntman who aspired to be an action film director. His nephew Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin) was abandoned by his mother at the orphanage after his father died, and becomes Dal-gon’s only kin. Cha Hoon was going to participate in a Taekwondo showcase in Morocco. Dal-gon had a fight with Cha Hoon before he boarded the plane, as Cha Hoon was upset that Dal-gon was giving up his dream of becoming an action film director to become a cab driver in order to earn money to raise Cha Hoon. However, Cha Hoon, together with all passengers on plane, died in the plane crash on the way to Morocco.

Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) is a staff at the Morocco embassy, but she is actually an agent at National Intelligence Service (NIS) Agency who was sent to investigate on the corruption of the Embassy Ambassador. She was in charge of handling the families of the victims of the plane crash at Morocco, where she first met Dal-gon chasing after a man at the airport. Dal-gon recognizes the man from the video that Cha Hoon took when they boarded the plane, and was surprised that there was survivor from a fatal plane crash. As the man is from a organization responsible for the plane crash, Dal-gon and Hae-ri’s life are at stake when they tried to learn the truth behind the plane crash.

Hae-ri manages to contact the directors at NIS and tells them the plane crash is a terror attack. Hae-ri and Dal-gon then return to South Korea with hope to investigate on this case. The video evidence at NIS was destroyed due to computer virus, and NIS was requested to close the case for investigation due to lack of evidence. Ki Tae-woong (Shin Sung-rok), the head of the information security team at NIS, suspects that there is more to the case of the plane crash.

The plane crash seems to be initiated by a weapon dealer Jessica Lee (Moon Jeong-hee), president of the Asia division of John and Mark, who was keen to close the deal with the Blue House for purchase of military aircrafts. However, the aircraft from John and Mark was inferior to that produced by Dynamic Systems Corporation (led by Edward Park (Lee Geun-young)) in terms of performance and price, which led in Jessica launching this attack so that their aircraft would be in favour by the Blue House.


Personally, I find the plot rather interesting and the cinematography much above expectation. In fact, I find the action scenes by Lee Seung-gi rather exciting, and the chasing scene at the local market reminded me of Aquaman and Men in Black: International (implying that the scenes were of Hollywood movie’s standard?). As I am a fan of the couple from Gu’s family book, I am happy to continue to watch this drama for the couple’s fate in this show, although the opening scene of Vagabond showed a worrying sign that Hae-ri and Dal-gon may be on different camps as the show progresses. I have heard complaints about Suzy’s acting in this show, but I feel her performance in this show did not seem to be that unbearable in these first few episodes although she may not be the best actress out there.

Food for thought: If Dal-gon quite frequently got injured while filming dangerous scenes as shown in the footage of his life with his nephew, how did he become so lucky to escape serious injury and gunshots (from machine gun!) from the killers sent on him?

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  1. I am totally enjoying Vagabond, and Suzy is doing just fine. Some of her scenes are quite good. The scene where Dal-gon is reciting to Hae-to how many opponents he had when trying to get to the meeting with the President (who is also such a self centred tosser) and the victims families in the Blue House was pure fun. It’s one of those shows you just go with it and enjoy the ride 😎

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