Vagabond: The Thick Skull Duo

As a fan of spy thrillers, I…really do not know what to make of Vagabond. While it is easier for me to suspend my disbelief that a stuntman can somehow manage to be the only person in the group of grieving next-of-kins to spot, identify, tackle a suspicious man and arrive at the conclusion that said man is a terrorist who blew up a plane…it is very difficult to be so lenient with a trained NIS officer.

Even though we are introduced to Hae-ri performing some quick thinking stockinged excuse to get herself out of hot soup while she retrieved an incriminating recording of an embassy officer, her further actions…border on carelessness and total lack of professionalism. In the first place, it takes so LITTLE effort for Dal-geon to find out her home, and then take her as hostage. I am like…don’t NIS provide their field ops physical combat training? At the very least, she should not have so easily been subdued without a good fight.

Subsequently, her house is later broken into by none other than a rep from the enemy camp, sent to destroy evidence and also to murder her. It is by pure chance she did not turn the key into her lock to open the door, else she will surely have died. And she nearly did again when the hotel cleaner returned to complete his colleague’s mission. Again. PURE luck she managed to escape. (cos the second guy is less competent anyway)

And to be honest, her paltry excuse of “I am more of the brainy (than brawny) NIS agent” … hardly holds water. As mentioned above — BASIC training is included in physical defence, and especially for field agents, they get more than “basic” training. Cos logically, no matter how SMART you are, there will be sticky situations where you need to extract yourself in a hurry.

Talking about smartness…maybe Dal-geon needs a little bit of that in that numbskull of his. Stirring up the hornet’s nest in Morocco and causing a potential international dispute isn’t the best approach to convince anyone (much less the authorities) that the plane accident is an act of terror.

While I can understand he is grieving and not in his best mind, flashbacks of his life as a stuntman and stuntman wannabe confirm that Dal-geon isn’t usually the smartest boy in class. That audition of his….was hilarious. (tbf, he has improved dramatically in his skills over time)

But this thickheaded rash bull is ironically very sharp in his observation skills. AND has surprisingly animalistic sixth sense when it comes to sussing out danger around himself (and hopefully in the near future, Hae-ri as well). And as a stuntman, he is no stranger to falling and recovering and falling repeatedly. Likely he is thickheaded…cos he is LITERALLY thickheaded (with a thicker skull than usual). After all, it is well known that the body instinctively layers protection (like calluses, bone spurs) on frequent areas of trauma.

Sidenote: ep1 intro on the daily job of a stuntman…respect. And I also wonder how much of Lee Seung-gi’s role in Vagabond is played by a stunt double.

2 thoughts on “Vagabond: The Thick Skull Duo

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  1. Lol 😂 🤣😂

    To me, Vagabond doesn’t take itself too seriously. However, others haven’t seen it that way and have been critical as a result. Anyway, we get to see the term Vagabond used in the latest episodes 😊

  2. I dunno, if that trained NIS officer is anything like our national embarrassment in America, former acting CIA director, Mikey Morrell, it sounds highly plausible!

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