Final Review: Mine (tvN, 2021)

I had finished watching this drama quite some time ago, but only found time now to write this review. To be honest, I cannot quite remember the details for this drama, and probably can only spoil you with the endings.

It happened that Seo Hi-soo (Lee Bo-young) found that the new tutor Kang Ja-kyung (Ok Ja-yeon) was actually the birth mother of her stepson Han Ha-joon (Jung Hyun-joon). Her husband Han Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook) pretended that he did not know Ja-kyung, but actually he arranged her to become the tutor after striking a deal with his “mother” Yang Soon-hye (Park Won-sook). Hi-soo was pregnant with Ji-yong’s child, but suffered miscarriage upon learning about the relationship between Ji-yong and Ja-kyung. Jung Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung), the sister-in-law of Hi-soo, then led Hi-soo to take revenge on Ji-yong, while Ja-kyung also volunteered to help Hi-soo out of guilt. Seo-hyun was married to Han Jin-ho (Park Hyuk-kwon), who was the elder brother of Ji-yong, but without the ability to lead Hyowon Group, and also became alcoholic. Jin-ho’s son, Han Soo-hyuk (Cha Hak-yeon), who was also Seo-hyun’s stepson was named the successor of Hyowon Group. Yet Soo-hyuk decided to give up his inheritance so that he could be with the girl he loved Kim Yu-yeon (Jung Yi-seo), who also worked as a housemaid at the Han family.

Therefore, Ji-yong was named as the next successor of Hyowon Group although he was not related to the father, Chairman Han Suk-chul (Jung Dong-hwan), by blood. This led to the displeasure of Jin-ho, who then found that Ji-yong had been paying for private underground fighting, often paying the winners of the matches if only they had beaten their opponents to near death. Jin-ho let Seo-hyun know of this piece of information, so that Seo-hyun, Hi-soo and Ja-kyung could find a way to prevent Ji-yong from succeeding the group, as well as letting Ji-yong’s bad deeds be known to the public. The Han family eventually decided to support Seo-hyun to lead Hyowon Group. Seo-hyun was actually in love with a painter, Suzy Choi (Kim Jung-hwa), although they were no longer in contact after Seo-hyun married into the Han family. She confessed her sexual orientation to Jin-ho, planning to admit to the public so that she could contest with Ji-yong openly.

Surprisingly, Jin-ho asked Seo-hyun not to tell this information to others, as her husband did not mind at all. When Ji-yong lost his everything, he tried to strangle Hi-soo, and both fell off the railings when the butler hit Ji-yong with a fire extinguisher to save Hi-soo. Seo-hyun initially thought that Hi-soo caused Ji-yong’s death, so she not only immediately sent Hi-soo to the hospital, but also tried to divert the investigation so that Hi-soo would not be a suspect. Hi-soo also feigned to have memory loss so that no one would be implicated. The butler was sent out of the family to safety. In the end, Seo-hyun was shown to manage Hyowon Group while Hi-soo returned to acting. Jin-ho took the position of butler for the Han family, and enjoyed arranging domestic tasks for the family. Ja-kyung brought Ha-joon for overseas studies while Hi-soo remained Ha-joon’s mother by law. Yu-yeon also returned to the Han family mansion as Soo-hyuk’s wife-to-be.

Overall, this drama is still quite watchable although I will not say this is a good drama despite casting both Kim Seo-hyung and Lee Bo-young. I quite like their characters in the show, but many of the supporting characters are often too annoying for me to enjoy the show. Furthermore, the events happening in the family mansion often seemed too exaggerating. The last 6 episodes or so felt like the drama Chip In as the police officer went around questioning the family members to find the truth behind Ji-yong’s death.

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