Police University: (B)romances

A guy can never be too busy. Sun-ho is juggling his studies in the Police Uni, helping to solve a high profile crime…and also handling a few lovelines. The obvious one being with Kang-hee, who took the initiative to confess to him, and now the two are lovey-dovey. It must be an unwritten rule in Kdramaland that whenever the second male lead confesses, he is sure to lose his love interest to the lead on the same day. Look at it happening over at Hometown Cha-cha-cha too. Though my sympathies lie more with adorkable Seong-hyeong oppa in Hometown than petty Min-kyu in Police.

The second (and probably more conflicted) “loveline” is between Dong-man and Sun-ho. While the two are officially mentor-student or quasi-partners, I can’t help but feel that their relationship development mirrors that of the usual Kdrama rom-com narrative. Replace Dong-man with your typical arrogant on the outside, softie on the inside chaebol archetype and Sun-ho with the Candyisque, hardworking and smart female lead, and you really have a romance between the two.

And tbh, I find the bromance between Dong-man/Sun-ho much more enjoyable to watch than the simpering one between Kang-hee/ Sun-ho. There’s just so much push-pull hilarity between the 2 male leads. They start off with the big misunderstanding where Dong-man practically labels Sun-ho as a thief, since he is damn sore after losing his target and the bait money. Then the relationship between the two starts to thaw, when Dong-man realises Sun-ho is that reliable Hacker Yoon whom he liaise with for cybercrimes insider knowledge.

Later, when Sun-ho agrees to be Dong-man’s de facto partner in helping him crack the online gaming syndicate, there’s a potential love-triangle-rivalry when Dong-man’s ex (partner), Cheol-jin appears. And Sun-ho even does this pouty, evil eye thing at Cheol-jin when Dong-man chooses to trust his ex (partner) over Sun-ho’s instinct that Cheol-jin is “fishy”.

When Dong-man chooses to leave the police university to continue his one-man hunt for “Professor Go”, the person most affected is Sun-ho. I think he looks even more depressed than the episode where Kang-hee mistakenly assumed a bracelet gift was from Sun-ho. And like any spurned lover, Sun-ho’s immediate response was to search for Dong-man and haul him back. I bet whether or not his 3 other friends (including Kang-hee) decide to join him in the search is besides the point. He was all prepared to look for Dong-man alone.

Well, I am glad to say though, that despite all the ups and downs in Dong-man/Sun-ho’s relationship, it turns out alright. Dong-man finally relents and accepts Sun-ho insistence to be his “partner” (not in any romantic sense but we get the pun). As for me, I am looking forward to even more fireworks and sparks between the two guys.

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