Dali and the Cocky Prince – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

For once we do not have a rags to riches Cindy story, but more of the opposite: Kim Dali (Park Kyu-young) is a well-educated and talented visual artist who’s currently a visiting researcher to the Netherlands, which is where we first met her. Dali was tasked to receive a certain Mr Jin at the airport for some pompous party, and our male lead Jin Moo-hak (Kim Min-jae) happen to arrive at the same time at the airport. Moo-hak wasn’t born with a silver spoon like Dali and it’s obvious he wasn’t great at studies but very good at making money. Both Moo-hak and Dali thought they’re the person each other was looking for, and off we go for a first round of hijinks at the party.

We have more hijinks when Dali sent Moo-hak to his hotel but Moo-hak cannot check in because his credit cards were stopped by his irate Dad, and Dali suggested that Moo-hak spend a night at her place instead. An unexpected blackout resulted in an accident where Moo-hak finds himself half naked (he was fresh out of shower and looking for Dali who screamed) on top of Dali who was half-undressed (she trip and fell in the dark and screamed). Moo-hak is obviously smitten by the elegant Dali and even gave her his solid gold wrist watch (LOL) and told her to bring it along when they meet again.

To Watch or Not

I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging the pilot episode was. I have to say I am impressed by how differently Kim Min-jae and Park Kyu-young portrayed their characters compared to their last projects which are just total opposites. The contrast between both our leads couldn’t have been more different too, from the upbringing to outlooks of life. But that also mean how well they’ll compliment each other, which we’ll see as the story unfolds. I like the supporting characters too, although there was nothing much about why Tae-jin (Kwon Yul) broke off the engagement with Dali, and also there’s too little about Won-tak (Hwang Hee), an orphan who was taken in by Dali’s Dad and is almost like a brother to Dali. Won-tak is also renting a place from Moo-hak and the two men bicker at every moment they met.

I wasn’t expecting a mysterious villain literally hiding in the shadows, who holds the key to the last living moments of Dali’s Dad. I hope this mystery will be cleared up in the next few episodes instead of dragging all the way to the finale.

2 thoughts on “Dali and the Cocky Prince – First Impression

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  1. Ms Barista… 😂 I have already completed 4 episodes and show continues to be delightful and the OTP are fabulous. He is totally entranced by Dali and she is intrigued by him 😊

    1. Yes, I like that there’s some sort of a character reversal here but both characters are rich (so there’s no Candy trope here). Both the leads are lovable!

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